Abhorrent Decimation - 'The Pardoner'
Originality 8.1
Replay Value8.1
Overall Impact8.2
What We Liked
  • Excellently Envisioned Theme
  • Dynamic Structuring
  • Impressive Songwriting
8.4Overall Score

Abhorrent Decimation bring a dark dread-filled tale to life in an enveloping journey based on Thomas Chaucer’s ‘Canterbury Tales’ character ‘The Pardoner’. The scope of the record is truly impressive with an impressively executed concept that is complimented by tasteful interludes to break up the obliterating sound of the London 4 piece. Their first album for Prosthetic Records is quite brilliant.

Orchestral flourishes help envisage the world being created, they are moments of reflection and bring an eerie atmosphere to the overarching story. The cello and piano at the beginning of ‘Soothsayer’ are an inspired idea as the melodies are reciprocated by the band when the brutality begins. Almost every track offers multifaceted structures with engaging twists and tempo changes that help to carry this story forward. Frontman Ashley Scott’s vocals are low and guttural yet clearly distinguishable and in places reminiscent of The Black Dahlia Murder’s vocalists, his disgust at the actions of the stories characters in these songs is palpable in his powerful delivery. ‘A Glass Coffin’ starts with a jaw dropping riff that will leave you scratching your head and ‘Heretic Sacrifice’ is an utterly flawless hook laden joy. This band can be impressive with their technical ability at points but the music is all there to service the song and when they settle into a groove they are at their strongest. ‘Scythe In The Dark’ showcases this brilliantly with stomping riffs and infectious vocal hooks. There is a constant standard that this record stays at with no dips in quality or weak moments.

‘The Pardoner’ is a sophisticated album that requires repeat listens to fully feel its impact and is certainly not one you should cherry pick. Adding to a growing number of truly excellent young U.K. Death Metal bands, Abhorrent Decimation have produced an album of the highest merit that will quite rightfully gain them great acclaim and success.

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