HALFNOISE - 'Natural Disguise' review
Brilliant, cohesive and authentic; this album is one of our favourite released this year.
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HALFNOISE are fronted by Zac Farro whose career has seen him wear many hats. Entering the industry aged 14 as Paramore’s drummer, he’s since evolved into something of an artistic genius. From an intelligent lyricist and talented drummer, to a producer, director and photographer, his talent knows no bounds.

Natural Disguise’, the album recorded and produced by Farro ,  is the bands most full-realised collection of work and is a groove led, 60’s and 70’s inspired, psych-rock album. Describing it as his ‘greatest achievement yet’ , he can rest assured in the knowledge that this album is truly exceptional.

The album itself is a stunning example of cohesive sound. Groove-centric, dance-friendly and ultimately catchy. Each song is singular and yet has the same underlying vibe that makes you want to get up and go for a chilled out road trip and find yourself. Whatever that even means.


Woodstock Snap‘ sounds like a song straight out of Baby Driver in it’s vaguely cinematic, city-drive busyness. Followed up by ‘Who Could You Be‘ – a song that makes you want to bob your head and just move – the dance party continues. With an accompanying music video mostlu in shades of beige (a real contrast to the bright psychedelic style) the song is a standout from the album. Its catchy bass and wonderfully simple lyrics make it catch and unavoidably replayable.


Boogie Juice‘ , a song with a great name and even greater music video, is another track with a vaguely movie-esque style.The video is reminiscent of an irreverent, satirical cop comedy show intro in the best pay possible, truly showing Farro’s brilliant directorial vision. The consistently good bass and drumming is subtly brilliant in this song whilst the vocals really come into their own.


If you haven’t already streamed, bought, or YouTubed this album to death, you really should. We promise you, you won’t regret it.

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