Heavy Rapids - Cash In Hand EP Review
The rough vocals and infectiously punchy guitar riffs Heavy Rapids bring to the table shine on debut Cash In Hand EP.
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Heavy Rapids‘ sound can be characterised by its rough, unfinessed vocals and the punchy, at times almost Kaiser Chief-esque, guitar. It is, in one word, gritty. And in two words? Honest and raw.

Their debut EP Cash In Hand consists of 4 songs. And whilst all are brilliant, Paisley Pattern – their latest single – and Going Down are definitely stand out songs. Angsty, catchy melodies and harsh vocals make Going Down a perfect anthem with the repeated calls for attention. The snarling way the lyrics are given to us could come across as abrasive but with this Glaswegian band they sit on the right side of acceptable. Not too abrasive but edging towards assaulting the ears, their style could be described as an acquired taste.

The same goes for Paisley Pattern. The song is honest, dealing with the issue of cyclical crime and violence in the bands hometown. Tackling the towns steady decline the band prove that they can have their punchy crashing music whilst approaching a somewhat unpleasant topic.

Lyrically not too complex, the simplicity of the music almost makes it better in the sense that it seems more visceral and less polished.

A band to look out for and one that we at BG can’t wait to hear more from!


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Heavy Rapids debut EP Cash In Hand is out on 7th June.

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