Sleeping With Sirens - 'How It Feels To Be Lost' Album Review
Sleeping With Sirens are back to what they do best, and it pays off....
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Ten years into their career, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that we have seen everything Sleeping With Sirens have to offer.

From the raw, energetic passion that burst through their debut With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear,to the melodic, polished messages of Feel. The calming, stripped back sounds of If you were a movieto the experimental, layered anthems on GossipWhat more could they have to offer? We hear you ask. Have they not run out of steam?

Well, 25 seconds into the first track of How It Feels to Be Lostyou get your answer. There is still a hell of a lot of steam left. With the crashing drums, dirty vocals and the high notes that showcase Kellin Quinn’s impressive-as-ever vocal rage, Leave it All Behind feels as though it was chosen as the opener in defiance of those who thought they may have had their time. It’s a powerful intro to the record, and a clear return to the band’s rougher roots, one that asks you to ‘leave behind’ any preconceptions you have, and just listen.

This return to a heavier sound is evident throughout the album, with tracks like Blood Lines having a nostalgic feel, that takes you right back to Let’s Cheers to ThisFrom the emotional falsetto, right down to the lyrical themes in lines such as “You can’t change what you were born into, don’t let it bury you” that mirror classic tacks such as A Trophy Father’s Trophy SonIt’s a track that showcases everything that made SWS who they are today.

While the album is nostalgic, and a testament to everything the band does best, it is far from a carbon copy of their earlier work. Also evident on the tracks, is their history. Songs like Medicine (Devil In My Head) highlight this greatly, with melodic, almost echoing sections repeating ‘Round and ’round, up and down, ’round and ’round, up and down’ sandwiched between heavier parts of the song.

These hooks, along with an electronic instrumental ending, showcase everything Sleeping With Sirens have learnt over the years, and listening to it is evident that they’ve taken the best parts from everything they’ve dabbled in and put them together with this record.

One thing that hasn’t changed, is their ability to convey emotion in a track, and that is best found in the song Dying To Believe.

An absolute underdog of a track, and the final on the album, it offers everything you’d expect from a SWS tune, and everything that their fans want from them. It’s almost a love letter from the band to the listener.

Lines like “I’m fucked up, yeah, to some degree/But I’m thinking you, you’re just like me” sum up the feeling of being outcast (an ode to the teenage angst found in their earlier tunes,) that older listeners will remember with nostalgia, while the newer ones may still be experiencing. It isn’t all gloom though, mixed in with the dark themes, of course, is the message of hope.

“So let go, come on, let’s run away/We both know we’re better than they say.” This beacon of escapism is something which Sleeping With Sirens have always offered. The chance to put on an album and listen to it, and either relate to what you’re hearing, or use it to just forget about what is going on with you for around an hour.

That is why this line stands out. When Kellin sings “let’s run away” he means it. That is exactly what you’ve done by the time you reach this track, you’ve run away with the band and stayed in their world for a little bit.

This return to their roots is a welcome offering from the band, but it is hard to imagine where they will go from here. Then again, they’re a band that are constantly proving the doubtful wrong, so we say long live Sleeping With Sirens.

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