Insomnium release new album ' Heart Like A Grave'
'Heart like a Grave' is a fine example of Insomnium at their best
9.2Overall Score

By Jaz Codrington
and Daryn Sutton

are a death metal band hailing from Finland. Their music is loud, aggressive and full of darkness. With the semi-revival of metal music we’re so happy that this album is being released. 10 songs long (so over an hour of sonic brilliance) and inspired by some of the darker, and bleaker stories of the north, ‘Heart Like A Grave‘ is their 8th studio album and is a brilliant example of longevity in the music industry.

Following their previous effort ‘Winters Gate‘ – the product of two decades of story-telling through albums, each song a chapter, each album a volume – ‘Heart Like A Grave‘ feels like a new leaf, while treading familiar ground in the composition and flow of the album. ‘Wail of the North’ is a prog-tinged entry to the album, with the melodic elements we’ve come to expect from Insomnium. The soft keys build atmosphere and are a startlingly calming introduction, with the guitar and vocals breaking through with exquisite timing.

In contrast, ‘Valediction‘ comes straight out of the gates with hammering drums and building guitars. The type of punchy energetic song you want to jump around and mosh to, the segue from the first track to the second is done well.

Ville Friman’s addition of clean vocals since ‘One for Sorrow‘ and the full-time addition of Jani Liimatainen really adds to the versatility and complexity of Insomnium’s music. With 22 years of experience it’s not hard to see how their skill and talent has progressed. Yet this album doesn’t feel like a culmination of work – there’s no finality to it, just a consistent level of skill that we’ve come to know. ‘Neverlast‘ is an aggressive yet still melodic track in which Sevanen’s vocals really shine whilst ‘Pale Morning Star‘ a track that brings us right back to 2006 when I first discovered the band with it’s choral backdrop, melodic almost orchestral introduction which rises into soaring guitars.

‘Heart like a Grave‘ is a fine example of Insomnium at their best, the progressive blend of melodic death metal is a fresh outlet for the Finnish band. Catch them touring Europe and North America through the end of 2019 to 2020.

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