Jimmy Eat World 'Surviving' Album Review
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Returning with an incredible tenth studio album, Jimmy Eat World present to the world, their new album, Surviving. Bulging with their stereotypical kick-ass riffs and the incredible vocals of Jim Adkins, this is an album which clearly highlights the development and evolution of the band over the last twenty-five or so years.

Opening with a hard-hitting guitar riff, the title track of the album, Surviving, acts as a fitting introduction to the album. Utilising the traditional feel and sound of the band, the track instantly sounds like a Jimmy Eat World song. Lyrically, the piece touches on familiar topics, the concept of becoming a better version of yourself or leaving the past in the past.

“Gonna stand this ground, Gonna say it loud, Never define yourself, By choices others make. If no one said it yet, It would be a shame, That ends right now, You’re not alone in pain, Never alone in pain.” is perhaps the perfect example of the band’s natural ability to connect with their fans. This outstretched hand instantly draws in die-hard fans of Jimmy Eat World, as if the band had never left.

Criminal Energy, the second song on the album, is appropriately named as the initial riff, tasty as it is, instantly steals the attention of the listener and refuses to return it any time soon. Reminiscent of the band’s past songs, Criminal Energy is thought provoking and energetic.

Delivery delivers a message of growth and development, whether metaphorical or literal. The images Adkins creates for the audience in his writing and performance of delivery, help this elegant track drive home the message and ultimately forms an instant fan favourite.

The next song on the album, 555, is perhaps more commercial and less pop-punk than the majority of Jimmy Eat World‘s back catalogue. 555 will, however, connect with a wide variety of audiences and were it played on many differing radio stations, it would be enjoyed regardless of the musical preference of the listener.

Weirdly 555 was not selected to be the 5th track on the album, this title was given to the strangely heartwarming One Mil. Taken from the viewpoint of a pessimistic hopeless romantic, the song focuses on missed opportunities and what could have been. “Camera girl, you still there? If I look you’ll disappear, Worse, you might want to talk, I’m so under-prepared.” The opening lines of the song are evidence enough that this will be an anthem for the more reserved and shy individual.

All The Way (Stay) is a perfect example of the thought-provoking genius of the band’s lyricism. “Going out we hope to lose ourselves, Then get found in unlikely places, A little presumption’s all you need, To end up empty” is one of the most well-written introductions on the album or any other album for that matter! The instrumental support varies slightly as the song continues with the introduction of brass instruments being an amazing inclusion! Check the video out below!

A perfect anthem for the changing seasons of a person’s life, Diamond is a beautiful screw you to the world and a massive thumbs up to personal development. It would be incredibly difficult to listen to the lyrics of this without wanting to better yourself or at least acknowledge how far you’ve come! Give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it!

Love Never, is without a doubt a typical Jimmy Eat World song. Featuring all the usual pop-punk traits that everyone has come to love, anyone familiar with the band would be forgiven for believing this was a song off a previous album. Exactly what it says on the tin, this song features incredibly addictive abrasive guitar sounds and powerful drums certain to delight Jimmy Eat World fans around the globe.

Recommit, the last but one song on Surviving, provides one of the best guitar riffs on the album. Skip through to around 2 minutes, 6 seconds for the full effect. This fantastic solo, lasting roughly 30 seconds, highlights the technical abilities of the band, adding another string to an already well-strung bow.

Congratulations, what can be said about the final track on the album? In a word? GENIUS. A complete contrast to the rest of the album, Congratulations will be loved by fans of Bleed American and Sweetness, providing a heavy finale which simply put is a six-minute epic, the band can take a lot of pride from.

Surviving is an incredible album which both elegantly and aggressively provides the full Jimmy Eat World experience. While many fans will have personal favourites based on the style of each song, nothing can take away from Jimmy Eat World’s ability to transcend genres and the natural talent evident on each track.

Surviving will be released on the 18th of October, via The Orchard / RCA. Be sure to grab a copy!

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