Never a character you can accuse of laziness, Lee Scott is at it again – kicking off 2020 with a brand new EP that comes a mere month after his latest full length Somewhere Between Here and There!

Dropped on Blah Records of course, the EP plays host to a bunch of guests including Salar, Sam Zircon, Luka Palm, Jesht, Bill Shakes, Sumgii, Dream McClean and many others as Lee brings many men to the table. This might actually be the most feature heavy EP going – it certainly is for 2020 so far.

No time is wasted on the project as the bars begin to fly from the off, and as the features changeover things keep ticking over as smoothly as you like. Initially released as a Christmas gift courtesy of the almighty Leezus for those who have signed up to Cult membership (Blah Records now offer membership to dedicated fans that in return for monetary donations gain exclusive access to content and merch) the project has now been made available to all the riff-raff and general public – like you.

Listen to ffsman:

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