Loose Tooth - 'Loose Tooth'
Grungey, riffy, rock music for all the family from the grey east midlands
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Loose Tooth are an alt-rock-come-grunge band hailing from the dark and grey east midlands of England. Recently signed to Undead Collective Records, the band has released a new ‘mini album’ that within days has started to creep its way up the iTunes Rock Chart. Self-described as ‘Hard gigging, hard working, light hearted and strange’, their music is the near perfect combination of angst and depth that the industry needs- they’re definitely a band to watch.

The album packs a punch in terms of its instrumentation. From the get go, the drums and guitar kick into existence in a cacophonic clash of loud, angry and yet somehow soothing sounds. The song ‘Pearl’ is an example of how great riffs, a brilliant drummer and throaty, confident vocals can make a song aggressive and soft, loud yet somehow quiet. Loose Tooth have mastered the art of the juxtaposition in their music and it shows.

The song is grunge and alt rock to its core, as are the others on the album, and are the type that can easily be replayed. You won’t get bored of them- they’re complex enough that there’s a little note, a little something that you hear each time you listen.  Their album is like taking a stroll somewhere that’s almost familiar but not quite. It’s original, but not too out there. It’s comforting but lyrically uncomfortable enough that the ride isn’t smooth.  ‘Split In The Hair’, the song that for me really sealed the deal, is one that is lyrically compelling but would come across well, if not better on stage. The band seems the type made for gigging, with the energy that is almost tangible in their music.

The guys describe themselves as ‘Grungey, Riffy rock music- just as honest as we can be’ and, honestly? There’s not a better way to describe them.

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