Released back in June, the aptly titled M + R collaborative project between Bournemouth rappers M£LVS and Reydon is a mixture of laidback debauchery, tongue-in-cheek humour, slick verses and enticing beats. The duo compliment each other well as a product of the solid chemistry they flaunt, as is expected with both belonging to the £ASY LIF£ crew.

Laying down the beats for the seven tracks that make up the project, Backward Sun mob’s 7th Sense is at the helm and sets up the rap duo with some finesse to reach a pleasing Four NIL; a track swamped with braggadocio and a hefty display of the duo’s self confidence. Finishing touches have also been applied by the safe hands of Reklews to gloss off the gritty Flavour present throughout the record.

At a concise twenty minutes long, the project is easily digestible and quite a non-committal listen, so is easy to dive into. For not much commitment compared with some projects, the rewards are vast as each track brings something new to the table whilst adding to the overall momentum created by M£LVS and Reydon.

M + R provides a gleaming display of what’s currently bubbling in the underbelly of Bournemouth’s hip hop scene, and showcases a lot of potential we can look forward to with future releases involving these artists.

Stream M + R here:

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