Bristol based expansive hardcore racket Phoxjaw have released their second EP in the form of A Playground for Sad Adults. Consisting of six adventurous tracks, the EP follows their debut Goodbye Dinosaur EP and is the band’s first release on Hassle Records who they recently signed with.

The EP sees Phoxjaw continue to carve out the highly individual sound they have heralded strongly and that has set them apart as a unique up and coming act. A Playground for Sad Adults could be considered a bit more mature and refined than the raw and aggressive spirit that coarsed through Goodbye Dinosaur as the band have developed on their excellently delivered aggression, and upped the ante by fusing this with calmer segments that verge deeply into indie territory that chuck you head first into weighty metal riffs and so forth the rollercoaster goes. One thing this EP definitely isn’t, is boring.

Stream A Playground for Sad Adults:

Catch Phoxjaw at 2000Trees festival performing on Thursday 11th July and lookout for them in the Autumn supporting Black Peaks and Jamie Lenman.

Oh and they also just happen to have some of the sickest merch we’ve come across in recent times – check it out yourself and grab a shirt:

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