Typically, the average band can spend half of their career honing their craft, playing quarter-packed pubs for peanuts (and pints) before they suddenly release their magnum opus upon the world, having only just found the sound they’ve truly wanted to spread to the world. Once in a blue moon the world is gifted the arrival of a fully-formed collective that are inordinately ahead of the trend, sounding like nothing you’ve heard before, and more importantly, sounding vitally refreshing.

Arctic Monkeys are the proof in the pudding of the success that can come from a band knowing how to infiltrate an entire genre and flip it on its head in the middle of the mainstream market. As the Rotherham rioters drift into uncharted territory a la spaced-out lounge-poetry, it’s time for a new generation of noisemakers to facilitate an all-out attack on the UK charts, a proverbial shock to the system if you will, and it comes via way of Worthing trio NOISY.

Having signed to Island Records without a single to their name, the pick-and-mix trio consisting of rapper and singer Cody, producer Spencer and guitarist Connor have produced a four-track invasion of your mind that’ll infiltrate the way your brain nerves work, leaving you feeling unequivocally empowered by the time Press Space To Play (EP) finishes just 13 minutes in.

Flagship single So What? Is a pulsating blur of epileptic electronica and pounding percussion that permeates over underlying fretwork that fires up the mid-song stage-ready clap-track. Throw in a lyric sheet that reads like a first-hand account of alternative British youth culture for the average outsider on the frontlines of our streets; this is a band built on being both confident and confused by their identities and it works way beyond belief. NOISY send So What? Into the distance; it’s a front-runner for 2020’s festival anthem; with its impulsively explosive chorus that hits like a hand grenade: “I got good times, I got music, I got this brain but I don’t know how to use it; I got news yeah, we ain’t guilty, so what, so what yeah?”

Opener Bring The Drums Back invigorates the infiltration of your senses with its palpitating, oscillating beats that blur the boundaries of genres as riot-ready riffs set off shrieking synths that set off like shockwaves whilst Do It Like That is the dance-punk revival you’ve been waiting for since the mid-noughties, losing yourself amidst the labyrinth of precision laser-cut riffs and club-ready synths. It’s on the latter track that the EP’s central concept is fully realised: the empowerment of the imprisoned youth locked in the landslide of a British government run for the few and not the many. Do It Like That’s bridge is it’s big-up mission statement: “we can be everything, everything, and you can be anyone you want.”

Closer Afraid is all of the above; it’s got a chorus as infectious as the Coronavirus, a beat as banging as your mum’s Sunday Roasts and a message in it’s middle that’ll hit you harder than Malcolm. Although it runs throughout, NOISY’s conceptual obsession with navigating the imprisonment of British youth culture and the juxtaposition of the empowerment at the heart of a new cultural movement is heightened here, highlighting the darker side of the moon (read: the human mind).

On Press Space To Play, NOISY warp a world of cosmic chart-topping sounds to topple the mainstream and infiltrate the system with messages of empowerment. If this is what they sound like shooting out of the starting gate, imagine what they’ll sound like when they release their debut, their Whatever People Say I Am; NOISY are a revolution, either stand with them or be prepared to move aside.


REVIEW: NOISY - 'Press Space To Play (EP)'
On Press Space To Play, NOISY warp a world of cosmic chart-topping sounds to topple the mainstream and infiltrate the system with messages of empowerment.
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