Melbourne’s resident pop-punker’s Slowly Slowly have announced their new album ‘Race Car Blues.’ It’ll hit your eardrums on the 28th February via UNFD.

Following 2018’s St Leonards and a watershed year in 2019 that saw the band tour relentlessly, ‘Race Car Blues’ sees the band traverse through a crucial 18 months of self-assessment and development in their lives.

Along with the new album, they’ve released it’s title track to tantalise your taste-buds, and it’s got a shiny new video, too:

Frontman Ben Stewart sums the track, and the album as a whole below:

“For me, Race Car Blues (album) feels like not being a victim anymore, in any sense of it, and really taking responsibility. You realise as you get to your late 20s, no one’s going to fix you, no one gives a fuck, the world keeps turning and everyone’s on their own trajectories. If you’re not looking out for yourself, you’ll just get left behind or fall by the wayside, you’ll wake up and all of those dreams you had don’t get actualised.”

If you’re extra curious, here’s the track list:

1. Creature Of Habit
2. 19
3. Safety Switch (ft. Bec Stevens)
4. You Are Bigger Than This Town
5. Michael Angelo
6. Soil
7. Suicidal Evangelist
8. Jellyfish
9. How It Feels
10. Superpowers
11. Creature Of Habit Pt. 2
12. Race Car Blues

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