The FAIM - 'State of Mind' Album Review
For a debut album, this collection of songs is lyrically, instrumentally and fundamentally strong.
9.8Overall Score

The debut album from The Faim is, potentially, one of the best debuts we’ve heard in a long time. There, we’ve said it. 

If you don’t know who they are – first of all, why the hell don’t you? – then here’s a brief intro: The Faim are an Australian born group, originally called Small Town Heroes. After answering a call on Instagram for new bands from John Feldmann (notable music producer) the bands trajectory changed, moving from Aus to LA and crafting their first EP Summer Is a Curse. With pop-punk as their original genre, the boys have expanded, experimenting to create their own sound. Their influence ranges from bands like Metallica, Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco, as well as jazz and indie rock, and it’s clear in the intelligence and energy in their music. In short – they’re another reason not to underestimate Australian talent and if they weren’t already on your radar, they will be now. You can thank us later. 

Their first full-length album State of Mind is out today, September 13th, and was 2 years in the making. A collaborative piece with influence from multiple artists and producers, the album displays a variety and fluidity rarely seen in debut collections. Of the lyrics, frontman Josh Raven says ‘We write from an honest place, and that’s something we always want to stay true to.’  

The album is comprised of 10 tracks, each as good as the one before. With 8 new songs and 2 songs previously released ‘Summer Is a Curse and ‘Amelie’, and their latest single ‘Humans‘,  State of Mind is an impressive collection. And here’s why;

Lyrically there is not one song that stands out as being weaker than the others. Coming from a place of emotion, honesty, and a degree of vulnerability, it’s difficult to critique the words musicians write. Luckily for us, that isn’t necessary on this album. A personal favourite of ours is ‘Infamous’, a song that those who have seen them on tour might have already heard. A close second is ‘Where the River Runs’ which is so filled with emotion that we feel it deserves both an award and also a warning; you will cry. 


 If you write songs that are real, people will be able to connect to them, especially during the live performances. It has to resonate with us for it be relatable to our fans as well. On this album it was about connecting with ourselves and explore our influences and our own talent. If we stick to who we are and what we feel hopefully everyone else will find something in the music too.”

In terms of the instrumentation, ‘flawless’ is the word that first comes to mind. Whilst it’s not strictly perfect – there are elements of it that sound familiar in a way you just can’t place – it’s so damn near that we don’t care. With guitar and drums that you know would sound phenomenal live, getting the blood pumping in your veins and thrumming through the speakers into your soul, this album is utter brilliance. Yes, at times you want them to maybe go a little bit harder. But in a band that constantly challenges themselves and with the knowledge that this is a debut album, it’s hard to be truly disappointed with the end result. 

The Faim take their name from the french word for ‘hunger’ and after hearing this we can say that our appetite for good music has been sated. State of Mind is a triumphant and cohesive collection of songs; from inception to end product, their dedication to pushing their art but staying true to themselves has paid off. 



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