Third Eye Blind - 'Screamer' Album Review
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There are few bands who, over the years, have maintained the ability to be both consistent and also fluid in their musical style. It’ becoming more undeniable that some artists struggle with creating original and unique content. And yet, there are others that stand like shining beacons to show exactly how to write music, make it look effortless, and cultivate a fan base that appreciate their content for what it is. Third Eye Blind are one such group.

Screamer is the latest release by American legends Third Eye Blind. A band who, across their 6 full length albums, have consistently been at the top of their game, this latest collection is no different. With music that was a childhood staple to so many – ‘Graduate‘ being an example – their continuous relevancy and influence outlived their hiatus, making their re-emergence and latest albums feel like additional chapters in their discography, as opposed to a completely different tale. 

Vocalist, Stephan Jenkins has never been shy about writing lyrics that are open, vulnerable and honest and this album is no different. Simplified, this album is very human; It’s good music, written well, that talks about human things. But if we leave it at the simplified version we don’t get to wax lyrical, so we’re going to delve deeper and give this album the thoughtful, in depth review it deserves.

Of the latest album Jenkins said ‘My current mood resonates with rebellion, energy, courage, and risk’ , and we have to say, it really translates.The title track is a catchy piece that immediately sets the tone. Something the band have always done well is creating music that is across the board brilliant, melodically, vocally and lyrically and this collection is song. The singing injects a feeling of youthful vitality and is vaguely reminiscent of rebellious teen movie soundtracks, in the best way possible. It’s the type of music that makes you feel alive and free.

It’s hard when reviewing truly great music to pin point what really gives it that extra edge. And when the album is as well curated and thought-provoking as Screamer? It’s near impossible. Changing pace across the 12 track album yet still maintaining a sense of cohesion and movement, the songs all fit together well. But there are some parts that stand out. The drumming and vocals in ‘Screamer‘ and ‘Walk Like Kings‘ are particularly great, whilst the bass in ‘Who Am I‘ is one of our favourite parts of the album. With a sound that’s soft enough to be enjoyed by even the biggest instrument-phobes and classicly Third Eye Blind enough for everyone else.

Released on the 18th, the album has been well received by fans and is a strong contender for our Albums of The Year list. Let us know what you think by dropping a comment below or tweeting us here and check out our review of another contender here

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