Verb T & Pitch 92 - A Question of Time album review
On their second full length collaboration, Verb T & Pitch 92 build on the momentum amassed from 2017 album Good Evening and continue to press the gas pedal.
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On their second full length as a duo, Verb T and Pitch 92 re-capture and reinvigorate the buoyant chemistry that made their 2017 project Good Evening so strong. Their joint effort titled A Question of Time begins with a visceral stomp in Power of Attorney that oozes of funk and boasts the high standard of lyrical acrobatics Verb has consistently cultivated.

It’s a nice touch of the esteemed duo to give their listener a breath and really let the opening track sink in as the smooth segue takes you into the second single lifted from the album Tragedy & Comedy; a tune that follows on so naturally and comprises a headstrong groove that is fully capitalised on – this is an ever-present theme when Verb & Pitch collab.

As you delve further into the project you’re treated to a quickfire procession of vivacious beats Pitch serves up on a plate for the ever-ready Verb; from the nodding chime of Cracked Mirror to the (better word for) darkly atmospheric When The Wind Changes into the blistering Cold Case featuring TrueMendous who not only holds her own on a track with Verb T, but inputs a frenetic energy with her murderous flow.

Ruthless is one of the first words that springs to mind when discussing this project, as the veteran rapper Verb T is these days – he has over 14 full length projects under his belt during which he’s sharpened his lyrical katana profusely – which is balanced with the unerring smoothness the duo lay down so effusively.

Something has to be said in regard to the prolific nature Pitch 92 is harbouring – with this being his second full length release in the space of five months following the release of his debut solo LP 3rd Culture back in February; he’s clearly not a guy who wants to sit on his laurels. Moreover, he has already amassed an impressive diversity and seems to be just as strong producing a lighter, R&B territory number as in What They Told Me as he is at concocting some of the aforementioned abrasive and hard knocking beats. This strength in pooling from various fields and curating a range of sounds boosts the album emphatically and was a standout feature on the diverse 3rd Culture.

There’s a prevailing discussion of philosophy evident throughout that functions as the album’s centerpiece, as A Question of Time is repeatedly brought up and answers are cooked up in the form of Verb T’s often wise ramblings. This philosophy transcends the various moods that the album progresses through, from the tough bravado on display at start through to the personal introspection found on later tracks like For You and Limitless Progression, with the former being a prime example of how despite featuring a lot of deep lyrical content and philosophical notions, Verb always manages to keep things light and very digestible through the poignant touch of humour he injects: Lines like “flush out the waste like drainage” followed by a completely candid “what a shit reference” crack the most sombre of frowns.

All in all, A Question of Time is another impressive stride for the two as a duo but equally as much individually with lots of ground covered musically. While the digestible run time of the project amps up replay value, you can’t help but feel it would be nice for one or two of the emphatic and innovative beats to knock even half a minute longer.

A Question of Time

A Question of Time is due for release tomorrow (30th September) on High Focus Records – order the album here.

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