Zebrahead 'Brain Invaders' Album Review
Zebrahead return with a whole host of instant pop-punk classics on their newest album, 'Brain Invaders'.
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Returning with their eleventh studio album, Zebrahead are back with their tried and tested, hard-hitting, pop-punk party vibes. Many would be tricked into thinking that after more than two decades of partying, vocalist Ali Tabatabaee and the gang would be starting to show signs of aging but ‘Brain Invaders‘ proves that you never forget how to have fun, you just get better at doing it!

In typical Zebrahead fashion, the album provides a number of high energy, smile supplying, future classics that will be loved by veteran fans and ‘Foal’heads alike. ‘Brain Invaders‘ fantastically supports the theory that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The album production is a 2000’s pop-punk fan’s wet dream with the band enlisting former Death by Stereo bassist and album producer Paul Miner and prolific mixer and producer Kyle Black, to create an experienced backroom team which has worked with various A-listers of the genre such as New Found Glory, All Time Low, ‘State Champs‘ and Chunk No Captain Chunk to name a few!

This is an album that certainly improves the louder it gets, with each track encouraging the audience to crank up the speakers. ‘When Both Sides Suck, We’re All Winners‘ thrusts out a familiar stripey hand which, when grasped, drags the audience on a new adventure down similar looking paths.

After the brief robotic sounding introduction, the first track on the album reverts to a heavy, harder hitting riff guaranteed to snatch and grab the audience’s attention by force. As front man Tabatabaee provides his usual fast-paced, attitude infused rap lyrics to get the crowd pumped before the catchy lyrics of the chorus, invite the listener to sing along.

The album features a number of catchy and memorable lyrics such as those found throughout ‘I Won’t Let You Down‘ with the lyric “Like Biffy Clyro, I know I’ll burn it to the ground like I’m a pyro” being frustratingly addictive.

Following on from ‘I Won’t Let You Down‘ the third track on the album and the first to be released ‘All My Friends Are Nobodies‘ is a motivational homage to those closest to the band and provides that inspirational, coming of age feeling that can be found on ‘Anthem‘ and ‘Hell Yeah‘ on past albums.



Well thought out and extremely heartfelt, the lyrics are typical of Zebrahead. Delivered both with beautiful clarity and heavier more aggressive vocals, the lyrics partner the fantastic instrumental accompaniment perfectly. This impressive vocal partnership continues throughout the album with ‘We’re Not Alright‘ combining both elegant and gravely delivery for a song which will have listeners shouting “We’re not alright” before the first listen ends.

As always, the track names are as creative as ever and instantly provide the reader with a curiosity that needs to be quenched, with titles such as ‘Take A Deep Breath (And Go Fuck Yourself)‘ and ‘When Both Sides Suck, We’re All Winners‘ being personal favourites. Next on the album,’You Don’t Know Anything About Me‘ provides a brilliant contrast to its predecessor, adding a more punk-ska vibe to the album. A track guaranteed to be enjoyed by fans of ‘Reel Big Fish‘.

Perhaps the most addictive song on the album, ‘Chasing The Sun‘ uses a simple yet effective guitar riff along with an equally simple chorus which works to unbelievable effect. Warning: This riff will be difficult to forget…

Moving further through ‘Brain Invaders‘, ‘All Die Young‘ is a fantastic track to showcase the unique feeling and atmosphere of a Zebrahead song. Focusing on the age-old concept of being on the outside looking in and reflection, ‘All Die Young‘ encourages listeners to sing away the blues and as with most of the Zebrahead back-catalog provides the audience with a sense of belonging.

Providing possibly the hardest instrumentals on the album, ‘Ichi, Ni, San, Shi‘ is unlike the previous tracks on the album and can be described in one word, volatile. As with previous albums, an angry retaliation to the world is always needed to provide fans with an anthem against authority, ‘Ichi, Ni, San, Shi‘ is that anthem.

While ‘Take A Deep Breath (And Go Fuck Yourself)‘ is a strong and enjoyable track, the familiar sounding guitar riff is a bit too similar to the cult classic ‘Buddy Holly‘ performed by Weezer and unfortunately in doing so questions the originality of the riff. ‘Bullet On The Brain‘ strangely sounds exactly as the name suggests, a gritty, high energy song with a catchy chorus which ends the album on a pretty high note.

Obviously, there is a reason the band has sold over 2 million albums worldwide and show no signs of stopping in the near future. Whereas some acts may be unbeatable in terms of their ability to reinvent themselves, Zebrahead‘s main strength lies in knowing exactly what their fans want and their continuous desire to deliver albums which provide the traditional atmosphere the band has come to be known for.

Brain Invaders‘ is a stereotypical Zebrahead album which, like most Zebrahead albums can be summed up in their own description of their latest release:

“It has a great message of being there for the people you care about, even though you might not be in the best emotional state yourself”

Brain Invaders

Brain Invaders‘ will be released by MFZB Records on March 8th 2019 and is definitely going to be high on the list of this year’s most wanted albums. Bag yourself a ‘Brain Invaders‘ bundle here!



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