As detailed in our preview of this year’s 2000Trees festival, there are more things to look forward to at Upcote Farm this year than you can count as such a fantastic line up has been assembled. While plenty of attendees will be looking forward to catching their favourite bands tear it up, one of the most exciting things about a festival like this is expanding your musical repertoire by coming across performances from acts you’ve not checked out before – so here’s a little rundown of seven performances BG wholeheartedly recommends that you check out!


Every Time I Die – Playing their classic 2003 album Hot Damn and sprinkling the set with some of their massive range of hits, this promises to be a performance that ETID fans old and new will reminisce about for time to come. At this stage, little should have to be said in terms of convincing people of the caliber of Every Time I Die, and even less words dedicated to the sheer ferocity and energy they bring to the stage, so you’ll just have to find all that out first hand.


Blood Youth – 2019 has been a good year for the Harrogate based metalcore band, who have gained a lot of deserved attention with their latest effort in fourth album Starve that has garnered acclaim as being one of the angriest and most satisfying albums of the year – it should therefore be a delight to watch them bring it to life.


While She Sleeps – Off the back of their recent and seminal album SO WHAT?, While She Sleeps cemented themselves further as one of the greatest modern British metal exports and surely many Trees attendees got to pinching themselves when the festival announced Sleeps. You can guarantee a wild reception and packed crowd for their performance despite playing at the same time as Thursday headliners Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls, and you’d be hard pressed to miss them seeing as next festival circuit one would expect them to be righteous contenders for headline slots across the board.


Palm Reader – With their band name being just as cool and almost as goddamn hardcore as their music, Palm Reader are a strong frontrunner in the British hardcore scene – and for good reason. Having really pushed themselves and hugely upping the levels of innovation with their 2018 opus Braille that is full of wonderfully expansive music that still adheres to their hardcore roots, they are absolutely a band you will regret not seeing.


Pengshui – If you’re looking for a totally manic and explosive start to your 2000Trees festival, you need to make time for Pengshui. The grime punk hybrid group don’t even have a project under their belt yet but have been a hot topic in the alternative world since releasing their first single, and as they gear up to please fans with a debut project they are consigned to smashing all hell out of any stage they can find and incite some ravenous audience behaviour. So yeah, don’t be a fool and miss them.


Puppy – Charismatic and smooth as hell, Puppy produced one of the most consistent and unique projects of the year in their debut full length The Goat. Their blend of indie / hard rock / metal will certainly keep you on your toes and they’ve got big riffs for days and the perfect mix of singalong moments. Give them a stroke or two, eh!

Loathe – One of the brightest and most innovative metal acts to burst through from the metal underground scene in recent years, Loathe turn heads everywhere they go and it’s only a matter of time until they are at much higher up supporting slots or even headlining a bill like this. Enjoy seeing them in (relative) intimacy while you still can, and if you don’t know what the fuss is all about, this is the perfect opportunity to educate yourself!

This is but a small snapshot of all the fantastic talent on show across the weekend at 2000Trees festival, and you’re bound to discover some great new sounds while attending.

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