Recently Gabrielle Aplin Released her new EP “Avalon” for the entire world to hear, Shortly after she announced she was going on a 6 date UK tour. Starting in Glasgow and ending in London. Not long after announcing the tour all dates sold out. But luckily I was able to attend The Birmingham date (20/10/17) at the o2 Academy.  We arrived at the venue for just about 8PM just to avoid long wait to see Gabrielle, We walk in and get served by the friendly staff which were very nice and polite. We then walk up the stairs and into the main room which is where Gabrielle is playing.

As we walk into the room we are greeted by the merch seller at Gabrielle stand, Already you can tell the atmosphere is good, everyone is chilled and having a good listen to one of Gabrielle’s Support acts “Sonny” who is a 18 year old male from Newcastle, This being the first time we’ve even heard of sonny, we was instantly fans of him, He blew us away with his vocals and amazing lyrics, He was great with the crowd, having a chat and a few jokes, warming us up for who we all came to see. Sonny also has a EP out called ” Hopeless Romance” which everyone definitely  should go and check out right now! I have a feeling he’ll be huge before we know it.

The lights begins to dim down until the room is Pitch Black and only light source are the pink and blue stage lights, Disco vibes are strong tonight Ha ha, Everyone begins to cheer as Gabrielle comes out on stage and straight away she breaks into her first song of the night ” Sweet nothing”. The crowd is now cheering and dancing away as she sings. the atmosphere in the room is alive with passion for Gabrielle! you can tell everyone is already having a great time all dancing and singing away.

She breaks for a moment before the next song to say hello to everyone and to thank us all for coming to see her, She goes on to explain she hasn’t toured in a while so she felt nervous to get on stage and perform to loads of people again But soon remembered why tours were so much fun.  She goes on to play a couple more songs But some solo and some with only one or two band members, The crowd cheered for a while when she began to play ” Power Of Love (Frankie Goes To Hollywood Version) and ” Please don’t say you love me”. Everyone was having a great time, All dancing and singing along.

Gabrielle is very down to earth and funny with her natural humour, She often took the mick out of her own clumsiness which was funny as she bumped her face with her microphone and guitar a few times. She also made the crowd laugh when you could tell Dizzee Rascal (who was playing in the same venue) had arrived down below us, she commented saying ” Looks like dizzy has arrived *floor vibrates* that’s annoying right? well this is bonkers. get what i did there? ha ha.” We loved her natural humour and how chill she was with everyone, from then on the party really had begun. She plays more songs like: Night bus, Panic cord, Heavy Heart, Coming home, That girl”. She explained the meaning of “That girl” was basically about Girls and how the way guys see girls is wrong and irrelevant, the lyrics also suggest that what a girl does in her life is her decision and no one else, I really love this song and the meaning of the lyrics.

She began to play her final songs as the night came to an end which included: Fools Love, Light Up The Dark, Say nothing,Waking Up Slow, Salvation, And Miss you. The crowd was dancing and singing the night away enjoying themselves as was Gabrielle, Everyone began to get sad as the she announced the night was over and walked off the stage, No one budged, Until everyone began chanting ” WE WANT MORE” “WE WANT MORE”

And we did indeed get more! She came back out and said ” that wasn’t really my last song of the night, to which she then began to play “Stay” from her new EP “Avalon”. Everyone was cheering and singing along. She then sang “Home” to finish the night off. the entire crowd was cheering and having a great time, the atmosphere was alive tonight. She said her thanks and goodbyes and walked off the stage.

So all together the question we all think is, is Gabrielle good live? No she is AMAZING live!! I would go and see her again without a doubt, She made the evening a lot of fun and it was just so enjoyable.

I highly recommend you stop what you’re doing right now and go listen to Gabrielle’s EP “Avalon” This is a must do! And you certainly won’t regret this! I know I don’t!

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