After a certain writer for Bloggers Gamut accidentally invaded their soundcheck, (Sorry again!) Novacub were ready to burn brighter than the largest supernova… cub. Taking to the stage in eerie, Halloween themed makeup, Novacub were more than prepared to dazzle the Birmingham crowd.

Louise Bartle by @Stephenkeay1

Performing tracks from their incredible debut EP, Future Echoes, and a few other hits such as November, Louise and the gang delivered a set which left the audience with no choice but to get involved. Audience members unfamiliar with the band will certainly be praising the group, as the manner in which Louise connected with the crowd, urging them to come closer to the stage only increased the feel-good factor.

Russell Lissack by @Stephenkeay1

Ioana and Russell, performed with noticeable joy, while Tony proved he has perfected the fabled “Drummer Face”, with the spooky make-up only intensifying the drummer persona. It is refreshing to see a band that contains such a versatile and eclectic mix of members perform so naturally together. It is evident to even the most naive audience member that this group is a family of professionals who are not only enjoying their craft but also their time together.

Iona Thomas by @Stephenkeay1

Showcasing a humility which is evident to anyone lucky enough to see Novacub live, Ioana and Louise were more than happy to meet fans at the merchandise table, providing free Novacub stickers and photographs to those who asked.

Tony Alda by @Stephenkeay1

As a writer who has been privileged enough to witness Novacub perform live at multiple venues, I cannot speak highly enough of this band. Atmosphere? Check. Stage Presence? Check. Talent? Check. Novacub are the complete package and if they can continue performing with the same energy and self-belief which they have so far, then it won’t be long until Novacub becomes a household name. Novacub are more than ready for the big time, Novacub? Novabear more like!

Future Echoes is available through LAB Records now!

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