Having performed in much bigger venues previously, many would forgive The La Fontaines & Novacub for performing a more mellow, laid back set when on the 02 Academy 3 stage recently. Luckily for the over-excitable Birmingham crowd, both bands arrived with enough energy and passion to light up even the largest of venues.

Novacub by @StephenKeay1

Kicking the night off in spectacular fashion, Novacub arrived in Birmingham ready to perform new tracks from their recently released, high-energy, debut EP, Future Echoes. Deserving of a much bigger stage and audience, Novacub electrified the 02 Academy 3 acting as a more than fitting introduction to the night’s future escapades. Louise Bartle juggled singing, guitar playing and connecting with the crowd as if she had been a front-woman her entire career.

The mesmerising guitar abilities of Russell Lissack, obviously take some influence from his past involvement with Bloc Party. This only works in Novacub’s favour as the guitar riffs oozed sheer confidence and portrayed a guitarist enjoying his craft. Iona Thomas and Tony Alda showed that despite working with Louise and Russell for a much shorter space of time, they are more than able to match their noticeable dedication and high standards. As a writer who has grown fond of this band from afar, it was a proud mother moment as the band nailed their performance, confirming their natural abilities as both studio artists and live performers. NOVACUB! NOVACUB! NOVACUB!


The La Fontaines by @StephenKeay1

Captivating on the rousing legwork put in by the impressive Novacub, Glaswegian rockers The La Fontaines took to the stage rallied by crowd wide encouragement to which they responded with strong foot stomping riifs and an undeniable groove. They did not take long to draw some quality singalong action from the receptive audience and continued to turn the stage into a fountain of joy.

The band put their strongest foot forward from the off and didn’t let up throughout, solidifying for all inside the cosy O2 Academy 3 just how momentous they can be, and they’re sure to be instilling the same levels of impressive energy in bigger and better venues next time round.


Novacub and The La Fontaines go together like cheese and pickle; complimenting each other with a seductive twang and made for a great evening escapade. Look forward to seeing both of the bands climbing the proverbial ladder as they progress, and certainly go check out both of their latest releases now.

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