When they can take a second from being the riveting Bone Shakers we have come to know them as, blues-rock duo Haggard Cat are some of the nicest guys in music. Not only are they an excellent fit on such a strong line up as 2000Trees have amassed this year, they also really love to talk, as we found out after speaking with drummer Tom Marsh following their performance on the Cave stage!

You played on the Cave stage earlier at 13.40 – unfortunately I wasn’t there to witness but have heard lots of good accounts, how was it for you?

We did yes! It was incredible, actually blew us away a little bit. We’re big worriers really, so we do still worry about whether people are even gonna turn up you know, its 1 in the afternoon on the first day and so on.. We ALWAYS worry about these things and I think it’s quite natural just some people are able to hide it better.
But our worries were cast aside – the tent was full for when we played and people were singing along – it was really amazing.

Which bands are you most excited to see this weekend?

Palm Reader! Big friends of ours and an incredible band, Matt sings on a track of theirs called Inertia! I would consider them close friends, we’re actually camping together with them here but when I see them on stage that’s all gone and I just see them as this fantastic band. Another band you need to go see is Raketkanon. They are the best band in the world – scientifically proven. You have to watch them! They’re so passionate, they know what they’re doing and their music is just brilliant – if there’s one thing you do at this festival, go see Raketkanon!

Do you have any particular pre-show routine?

Poo. We do big ol’ horrible poos. (laughs) No not really, we’ve seen a lot of bands that opt for the huddle you know the team talk, and that is a lovely sentiment but with me and Matt we just kinda chat and as I said we get kinda nervous so we try to play things down a bit.

What is the most haggard looking cat you’ve ever seen?

A really good friend of ours called Dave Lancaster who filmed all the videos for our previous band and has also filmed all of our Haggard Cat stuff and actually bankrolled our first album so we owe him alot but anyway, he was walking home one day and found a bag hanging on a railing with a kitten inside. He named the kitten Adventure and did look after it for a good while before it went to a proper home. So not so much haggard, but definitely quite lost. (laughs)

Are there any plans in place for a new full length album?

It’s 100% complete! We have a brand new album which exists and is on the Internet in link form! We don’t have a date set yet for it, it’s up in the air at the minute but what I can say is that we will probably be releasing a couple singles before the end of the year!

How would you describe the band to someone who has not listened to you before?

Ummm, a heavy rock blues band. Riffy, like Royal Blood but more interesting! (laughs)

What does 2000Trees festival mean to you?

A moment in the calendar where we get to see a lot of people that we know, we get to see so many fantastic bands, have a good time – all of our friends and bands’ friends go, all of our friends’ bands go – it’s building into such a big and great community which is what I love about it. Even time we get asked to play and we’re blessed with the opportunity to play here it’s an incredible feeling. We have played here four times now – twice in the old band and twice as Haggard Cat!

Do you currently have a favourite song to perform live?

We have two brand new songs that I can’t say the names of that are some of the most fun songs to perform, we’ve only began playing them recently so they’re very fresh and exciting.

What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

We’re gonna try and figure out what our plan is with releasing the record, and we’re gonna see about making some music videos! It’s all about the behind the scenes progression at the moment, next month we’re basically off despite a couple of gigs so gives us time to get these things sorted!

Look out for new music from Haggard Cat coming out towards the end of the year!

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