Blood Youth have enjoyed a strong 2019 with the release of their widely acclaimed latest project Starve. The album is a glimmering display of the band on top form and holds a place as one of the heaviest and most furious records released this year. In a live capacity, they are quite a force to behold exactly as they proved when they took to the Neu stage at 2000Trees festival 2019 (read our review of the festival including Blood Youth here). Before they laid siege however, BG caught up with band members Chris Pritchard (guitarist) and Matt Hollinson (bassist) – here’s what went down:


You’re playing on the Neu Stage at 19:05 tonight, what can we expect from your set?

Chris: Knew that was coming! You know, aggression and fire! (laughs) Every show is different, just come see it it’s gonna be good!

Matt: Yeah come see it to find out!

Which bands are you excited to watch this weekend?

Chris: We’re only here for today (Friday) unfortunately. We would’ve liked to see Loathe but of course lots of press to do!

Matt: I got to see a couple songs and they were great as ever, incredible set really. If we were here for the weekend we definitely would have caught Lotus Eater, cracking band.

Chris: While She Sleeps!

How have you found the reception for Starve?

Chris: Knew that was coming! Every answer’s gonna have ‘knew that was coming’ at the start (laughs). Yeah it’s sick, completely overwhelming for us to be honest. Something we didn’t expect, something we’ve obviously hoped for but Starve was something we decided to do for ourselves for the first time in our music career and it turned out really well. There’s a lot more hate than we’ve ever got, but I love that shit! It’s about time we actually stood apart a bit you know.

Matt: We’ve seen a lot of Youtube comment warriors surface who previously weren’t saying much about us!

One thing that stood out to me about Starve is the dominant nu-metal vibe, how would you feel about a genre revival?

Chris: It’s already happening. You don’t even know that it’s happening but it is! There are so many bands leaning towards that way – even Northlane with the new tune they’ve put out. It’s great and it’s people’s own take on nu-metal so we’re gonna see some really exciting things come about. Ocean Grove for example; their nu-metal style was amazing and now they’re not so much but they harbour the same mentality – causing controversy in music. For me that’s exactly what it’s about – upsetting people only for those people to later appreciate it.

Matt: Absolutely!

Did the sound come naturally or was it a conscious decision to learn that way?

Chris: It was super natural, it’s what we’re all massively into – the only thing that was discussed was something we hadn’t done with the old releases and that was simply that we wanted to make the music we liked, not necessarily cater to what we think people expect us to be.

Starve has been praised as your darkest project yet, do you think you’ll continue in this direction?

Chris: Absolutely. We’re throwing ideas around.

Matt: We’re not gonna be taking any backwards steps anytime soon.

Chris: Just gonna keep moving forward, Starve is like the bottom of the tree of where we’ll probably end up. It’s definitely gonna go further down this road yeah. Having said that, we never know what’s going to happen and it’s all expression at the end of the day – we might feel something else when the time comes to write the next project you know. Right now what we’re writing is a more expanded version of what Starve could have been under the right circumstances but it’s just natural for us you know.

What does 2000Trees festival mean to you?

Chris: Ohh it’s great yeah! (laughs) We’ve played here before – they need to sort out the signal for one thing, but it’s really cool to see a UK festival like this and Slam Dunk growing how they are. The line-up here this year is stacked with some major bands like Every Time I Die which is amazing – and Slam Dunk with moving from the city centre in Leeds to Temple Newsam so it has a far more genuine festival feel.

Matt: It’s cool, I think 2000Trees is doing some good stuff for music and I hope they continue!

Chris: I wouldn’t mind if they relocate somewhere with a bit better signal though, and maybe give us some better beer than this piss old damn Pistonhead (laughs).

Matt: I’m having a good time with it!

Do you currently have a favourite song to perform live?

Chris: Cut Me Open for me!

Matt: I think Spineless, cause it’s the first song and I like seeing the reaction on people’s faces plus it’s the first movement that you make which I always think sets the pace.

Do you have any particular pre-show routine?

Chris: We don’t do shit. I wish we did, cause we get asked this a lot, but obviously not. We don’t even stretch

Matt: I’m gonna stretch today! That’s just cause of getting old though (laughs).

Finally, what are your plans for the rest of 2019?

Matt: We’ve got stuff coming up that we haven’t really announced yet.

Chris: Band stuff (laughs). There are things in the pipeline, in the gutters but they are yet to drip down. We do have Reading and Leeds coming up soon and something coming up at the end of the year so keep your eyes peeled!


Blood Youth’s latest album Starve is out everywhere now via Rude Records.

Check out their upcoming tour dates:

23.08 Doncaster, Vintage Bar
24.08 Reading Festival
25.08 Leeds Festival
29.08 Plymouth, Burn It Down Festival
28.09 Luton, Castlefest

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