Fresh from the Bloc Party US tour, drummer turned lead singer, Louise Bartle took the time to speak to Bloggers Gamut about Novacub, the debut EP, Future Echoes and the cult classic, School of Rock.

You’ve been playing with Russell for several years now but some of our readers may not know the history of Novacub, from what I’ve read it’s quite an interesting story of chance meetings, how did Novacub go from two to four?

Wow, good question! Errrrm, so, I met Tony, the drummer, through open mic nights, well we actually met through a mutual friend and then we started going to open mic nights together and singing our own songs. At first, it was just as friends, not in a band or anything like that. Then we got really excited about our music and then, I dunno at the time it just became apparent that somehow he would be in the band. He said that he wanted a writing partner and I was like oh! I write music now, let’s do this!

Iona, the bass player I know her through just being in music cause she does music as well and plays with various different artists and actually plays harp as her main instrument. I felt like it was a bit of a School of Rock moment, it was like I just got her to change instrument from harp to bass. But then she will still play harp in the band! She was like “I don’t play bass!” but then it happened.

Ohh, the whole cello moment?
Yeah, Cellllooo!

With the debut EP set for release, how would you describe Future Echoes?
I mean, its quite an eclectic mix of stuff really, I think that’s what Novacub is. Basically, we all like a lot of different music, especially me and Russell. He’ll send me an idea and it could be anything and that’s the exciting thing for me! It’s guitary, vocally and always has some crazy stuff going on!I’ve never written music before, in a project, I’ve never actually written a song. So it’s like it’s all bursting out of me, the different parts of who I am.

Which track off the EP is your personal favourite?
I think my favourite is, erm, maybe, ok, maybe, We Don’t Care or Strike. They’re both my favourites, I think!

Speaking of We Don’t Care, from what I’ve seen it’s been pretty well received by audiences online, having quite a lot of streams. Were you expecting such a positive response?
I… wasn’t… expecting… anything, because as soon as you have expectations, they can kind of yeah. You can think this is the one you just never know, you can have a feeling but I am quite surprised. It feels like a very immediate track that’s just In.Your.Face. So part of me gets it but it’s also Iona‘s favourite song so I’m thinking maybe she has something to do with it, she’s lucky.

If you had to choose one lyric from Future Echoes to define the EP which would it be?
That’s such a difficult question, I like it! I’m thinking of all the lyrics erm, it would be either from We Don’t Care or Strike. They’re more about being in the band. Maybe, because it’s in my head as well I’m going to say from we don’t care the bit where I say “We’re gonna do it”. We’re gonna do it, we’re gonna do it and we’re doing it.

Obviously, you’ve had an interesting and varied career already, did you find the switch from drummer to lead vocalist difficult at all?
That’s a great question! Yes, I did. It’s very different. I think it’s very interesting because I’m a geek, I think it’s interesting how the psychology of each role is very different. Being at the back and playing drums, you actually do feel like the foundation and the rock, even psychologically you feel like you guys can all lean on me. Yet when you’re at the front your mind is very forward-thinking. Thinking about the audience, about yourself, you’re much more aware of everything that’s going on. I mean I make drum faces and I don’t think about it, but as a singer, you can’t just be making those faces, you’ve got to try and entertain people as well.

Do you think you would have pursued Novacub without Russell?
Erm, no I wouldn’t have. I didn’t ever think of myself doing this so it wouldn’t have happened. 100% it wouldn’t have happened.

Are you a lenient leader or a demanding dictator when performing with the band?
I’m definitely not a dictator, at all! I don’t think that’s a healthy way to work in a band. I think sometimes one person will lead and then someone else will lead. In our band, it’s really good because we all have a team attitude. Dictatorships are never good!

Drumming or singing in Novacub?
That’s so difficult! Singing in Novacub.

Tea or coffee?
Oooh, coffee!

Bloc Party or Novacub?
Ooooooh, you can’t do that! That’s evil! Erm, can I just say Radiohead?

Novacub‘s debut EP, Future Echoes is available from the 3rd of October! Be sure to grab a copy!

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