How It Feels To Be Lost is finally out, and it is making a huge impact. Between the heavier sound and the personal lyrics, it truly does feel as though Sleeping With Sirens are back at the top of their game.

To celebrate them having such a cracking comeback, and to get some of our burning questions answered, we spoke to the band’s very own Nick Martin. Scroll down to find out what kept them motivated and what they’ve learned along the way…

I read that you considered a hiatus after Gossip, what changed this and made you decide to go ahead with the new album?

We did consider a hiatus after Gossip was out. We were burnt out, but also, we weren’t in the healthiest mindsets at the time. Fortunately, we weathered through that storm as a family and came out relatively unscathed. The making of this album wasn’t predetermined or on our radars, at the time. We really just went into the studio for fun with Zakk Cervini and suddenly it all clicked & we ended up with a bunch of songs.

The album goes back to a heavier sound, is this more enjoyable for you to make than the lighter stuff or do you not have a preference?

There’s no preference, really. We all have very eclectic & different tastes in music. I love pop music. But I also love hardcore music. And classics music. And mariachi music. I find enjoyment in all sorts of music.

How did the Benji Madden feature come about, did you already have him in mind for the song?

We actually didn’t have any cameos in mind for the album. We recorded the album at MDDN studios, which is located in our managements facilities. Benji was just coming in to hear what we were working on and Kellin needed some help on the bridge. So, Benji got in the vocal booth & 15-20 minutes later, he had written this awesome bridge. At that point, we just said “you made it on the album!” It fit perfectly with the song and it made sense in that moment where he came in.

Are there any artists (new or old) that you listened to when writing that helped inspire the record, or did all the inspiration come from yourselves?

The inspiration really came from ourselves. We didn’t set out to mimic any other artists when we started recording. It all just came from us and our raw energy; where we were at at that moment.

The lyrics on this album are extremely honest, which song from How It Feels To Be Lost do you consider the most personal?

Blood Lines” is such an honest song, lyrically. You can feel the emotion in Kellin’s voice on the album. You can not deny it when you listen to that song. I think that song strikes a chord in all of us.

What was the most important/interesting thing you learned from recording the new album?

Honestly, how close we all are. That we’re all finally on the same page together. I think we floated in & out of that over the last few years and we finally got on the same path together. For that, I’m extremely grateful.

You’ve got a UK tour coming up in a couple of months, what new song are you most hyped to play live?

Literally every new song on the album. When we were recording this album, we’d have those moments where we’d say to each other, “I can’t fucking wait to play these songs live.” But, I am excited to play “Never Enough” and “Another Nightmare”.

And while we are at it, which classic track is your favourite to play?

I love playing “If You Can’t Hang”. Watching & hearing the crowd every night when we play that song just makes my job that much cooler.

What do you think the live reaction will be like to this album? Are you looking forward to seeing the crowd move to the heavier sound again?

It better be crazy, or I’m quitting! Haha. Definitely eager to see the reaction to the newer songs though.

Sleeping With Sirens have been together for a long time now! How do you keep things fresh stay motivated to write music together at this point?

Just being open & honest with each other in every situation. Being brothers first.

On that note, if you could give one piece of advice to the younger version of yourself what would it be? 

Just have fun. Always make sure that’s the top priority. The moment that it’s not, do something to change that.

Finally, you teased an anniversary tour for With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear earlier this year… should we carry on watching this space after the promo is done, or is nothing in the pipeline as of yet?

As of right now, we’re just focusing on the new album, but we’ve definitely talked about doing some anniversary tour stuff around old releases. We will see!

Listen to How It Feels To Be Lost, here:

Featured Image: Sleeping With Sirens Twitter

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