Late last year, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Austin Thomas A.K.A. SpookyGhostBoy. Always keen to find out more about the creative processes and back stories of the artists showcased on Bloggers Gamut, the responses provided by Austin are incredibly informative and really highlight the journey of the one and only SpookyGhostBoy.


So SpookyGhostBoy, how did that name come to be? What’s the significance of the name in regards to the music?

So the name honestly doesn’t have much to do with the music. I’ve always liked that it has a username like quality to it, & that’s kind of how my music started. Just posting under a username. The story is that I made some Halloween themed music for a short film, and then made the SpookyGhostBoy alias in order to post the soundtrack work. Then, when I started making more singer/songwriter style music, I just used to same page to upload all of that music. It kind of unintentionally stuck. I like that it’s a bit ridiculous.


Congratulations on your new release, “Hello, it’s me” a fantastic single which I have personally taken on board as an anthem for reflection and relaxation. What was the thought process when creating this track?

Thanks so much! I wrote “Hello, it’s me” about a health experience that I had a few years ago. When I originally wrote the the song, I made a very bare bones demo for it which I typically don’t do for most of my stuff. It usually goes straight from memo to full production recording. Anyways, creating the minimalist demo really helped flesh out the song in a way that I like. Now I write a lot of songs using the same process.


These chill songs which you create I find allow the body to rest while the mind wanders, did you know from the beginning these were sort of songs you would be producing during you career or did you stumble in to your own genre along the way?

I’ve definitely always had more of an inclination towards making soft or chill stuff. It’s always the extremes that feel the most moving to me, but my screamo band didn’t do too well.


“Two Door Car”, a song I absolutely adore, features the stereotypical chill vibes which almost make the listener feel within a dream world. Have any of these songs come to you in dreams or in a sort of lucid dream state at all?

Hmm, I actually often have bits of songs in my dreams that in the moment seem like the greatest works I’ve ever made. The only problem is that I usually don’t retain them by the time I’m awake or, in the few instances that I have remembered the songs, they don’t turn out as impressive as they seemed in my dream.


Can all the SpookyGhostBoys and SpookyGhostGirls out there expect a world tour any time soon?

I can only hope! In the next few months I’ll be in the UK, Europe, & Australia!


With Christmas around the corner, what is a typical Christmas like for Austin Thomas?

Nothing too crazy for me, I hang out with my family & eat a lot of sweet potatoes.


If you could have one thing for Christmas what would it be and why?

Recently I’ve been looking for the perfect backpack. I consider myself a bit of a bag enthusiastic. I can’t find the perfect one, so that’d be my ideal gift.


Hello it’s me“, the most recent release can be played below. We look forward to watching Austin develop in the future and can only speculate how incredible the future releases will be! Big things will follow…


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