Exciting times are afoot with Bristol based rock outfit Phoxjaw who have recently released their second EP and debut project on Hassle Records in A Playground for Sad Adults. The EP shows the group displaying further expansive and creative talent that they brought with them in abundance to 2000Trees festival 2019. After playing a riotous set early in the day on Thursday on the Neu stage, we caught up with members (and brothers) Josh and Kieran Gallop for a chat:


You played earlier on the Neu stage as the festival kicked off, I wasn’t there to witness it unfortunately but I’m sure it was great, how was it for you guys?

Josh: Great! Fucking unreal

Kieran: Just beats expectations every time we come back.

Josh: We played here last year on the Cave stage, done a bit since then with releasing material and the name has been growing so it felt really good to actually see that growth in this year compared to last time where people were checking us out not knowing who we were, whereas this year people have been singing along and allsorts!

Talk us through the new project A Playground for Sad Adults?

Josh: The latest offering I suppose, it’s a group of songs we’ve been playing together for a while now. It kinda felt like it wasn’t time to do a full length record yet but we wanted to release something and show people a bit of a different side to the band.

What would you say is the biggest difference between the Goodbye Dinosaur EP and A Playground for Sad Adults?

Kieran: Brother and sister EPs. Both are being released as a double vinyl on Hassle Records at the end of the year so that’s gonna be big.

Josh: The twistedness. You get the first two years of Phoxjaw when you listen to Goodbye Dinosaur and you get us kinda reacting to how people reacted to that EP on the new one. We tried to test the boundaries a bit more this time round to see what we could get away with you know.

How big was it to sign with Hassle Records?

Josh: Oh it’s sick! They’ve got bands we love and as soon as we met the guys it felt right, felt like home!

Kieran: They’re lovely chaps, very real and keen on the project which definitely helps! They’ve got a good vision and a view to longevity

What does 2000Trees festival mean to you?

Kieran: Such a nice festival! Obviously we played last year, I personally came here two years ago and was photographing the year before, every time I’ve been back it’s gotten better

Josh: Can’t beat it really! Positive place with positive people and great attitudes!

Do you currently have a favourite song to perform live?

Josh: Wale for me. We played that today, it’s just undeniable like as soon as that riff kicks in peoples heads start going

Kieran: It always changes for me! Right now it’s Whale, I guess that’s cause it’s a new one and it’s kinda fresh. Triceratops gets the biggest reaction cause it’s the one that’s been out the longest – everyone was singing along today so that feels amazing

You have delivered consistently weird and wacky music videos, is this something you strive to achieve?

Josh: If you were to scrape the insides of all our brains, you’d find weird and wacky stuff. It’s just what naturally comes out. We just do it and look at it at the end, and go ‘this is fucking weird isn’t it?!’

Kieran: We never try to make a video ‘weird’, it’s just sort of the stuff that comes out.

Josh: We’re always doing little bits, like sitcom bits – today for example we had our mate come out on stage dressed as a butler serving us champagne – just silly and fun stuff man! Sometimes you just gotta get the champagne poured for you!

How excited are you for the autumn tour with Black Peaks & Jamie Lenman?

Josh: Absolutely stoked! We went out with Black Peaks earlier in the year and it always felt like we’d do something again soon so yeah really excited

Kieran: It’s mad. We’re all fans of Lenman from back in the day too. The thing about the tour is it’s three bands that really work together, but aren’t all exactly the same you know

Josh: Peaks do their thing, Lenman does his and we have ours of course. It’s gonna be our first time in some places too like Germany so that’s a huge bonus!

Which bands are you excited to watch this weekend?

Josh: I’m really into Turnstile, they’ve got those 80s classic thrash riffs, with a bit of hardcore – I love that.

Kieran: Loathe! Our management mates, they’re on at 4 today I think, hopefully we can catch some of their set after doing press!

Do you have any particular pre-show routine?

Josh: We just get hype! Have you ever seen a load of wild badgers? It’s like that. Picture that, that’s how it looks when we’re getting ready backstage

Kieran: Also a lot of wetting hair and shouting. Love hugs too!

What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

The Black Peaks and Lenman tour which is gonna be crazy, and we’ve got the double vinyl of the EPs coming out in a couple of months

Kieran: It’s coming out in September! The vinyl is definitely coming out before we go on the tour

Josh: We might well be dipping in and out of a studio as well, to record a little something or nothing. We’ll definitely be working towards a full length now too – stay tuned!


So keep your eyes peeled for a Phoxjaw double vinyl release! And for the Black Peaks and Jamie Lenman autumn tour.

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