Having recently made a big splash in the world of pop-punk with their latest project No Vacation, UK pop-punk riot The Bottom Line – consisting of Callum Amies (vocals, guitar), Max Ellis (bass), Matt Bicker (drums) and Tom Newton (guitar) – hit 2000Trees with a purpose and didn’t disappoint. BG caught up with the band before they had lots of fun on the Neu stage (you can read our full review of 2000Trees festival 2019 here) to chat about the new project, how they get pumped for a show and other things!


You’re playing on the Neu stage at 19:10, what can we expect from your set?

Hopefully we’re gonna throw ourselves into the crowd! That’s the aim really. Do some tree planting – it’s gonna be 2002 Trees by the time we’re done! It’s gonna be energy – we’re going to go for it today. This is actually the last day of our tour run so want to end things on a high and blow out some steam!

Which bands are you excited to watch this weekend?

Really excited for Deaf Havana, and of course Every Time I Die but as they’re on right after we are it might be tricky. We’re quite excited to see A as well. Anybody we can see would be nice really, we managed to check out some of Lotus Eater which was really good.

Favourite pop-punk album of all time?

Take off Your Pants and JacketNo Vacation by The Bottom Line is a good one! All Killer No Filler, or maybe Enema of the State which started things for some of us.

How would you describe the band to someone who hasn’t listened to you before?

We’re like a pinch of throwback pop-punk, with dynamics of modern pop-punk – giving the old pop-punk fans a sense of nostalgia and giving the new pop-punk fans a sense of new music for them.

Do you have any particular pre-show routine?

Yeah we used to – fifteen minutes before stage time we’ll go into a cupboard or crowded door, put on the speaker Kenny ChesneyBeer in Mexico and dance to it while we all do a shot! It’s very strange and our tour manager thinks it’s weird too. We’ve become slightly more professional now by picking up better equipment and from touring with bands we look up to, we settle for the classic fistbump and just getting pumped up really!

What does 2000Trees festival mean to you?

I don’t think we’ve ever actually been to this festival before but in terms of reputation it’s definitely surpassed itself – we constantly just hear from both industry and fans that it’s the best small festival. We’ve been so excited to play here!

Do you currently have a favourite song to perform live?

It’s different for each of us, Doomed is a good one that we connect with a lot. Over and Over is another one that’s great to play cause it’s a really fun tune – we wouldn’t be a pop punk band if we didn’t have a song called California so that’s got to be thrown into the mix and Reasons is in with a shout too as it was the first track to come out from the new album so people know the lyrics and it’s always amazing to hear fans singing every word back to you.

What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

We have a few more festivals to play and some other really cool stuff that we can’t really announce yet! It’s going to be a busy rest of the year though for sure. We’re just going to be touring a lot in support of the album you know.

If you had to pick one song from your catalogue to define the band what song would you pick?

Reasons; the whole song is about our work ethic and the way that we’re perceived by other people. The song is a kind of ‘fuck you’ to anyone who has put us down. We went on a huge world tour and things got a bit out of hand including our van catching fire in the middle of the desert – the No Vacation album cover is the actual van that caught on fire which happened a day after we took the photo. Reasons sort of sums up where we were at with a lot of frustrations and the realisation that we don’t have to be doing this. Also it’s kicks off the album perfectly!

The Bottom Line’s latest project No Vacation is out now via Marshall Records.

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