Seprevation are one of the UK’s premier underground bands. Fresh from supporting death metal legends Suffocation in their hometown of Bristol, I spoke to guitarist Joss Farrington about keeping the sound of early death metal alive and their excellent new release ‘Ehcoes of Mercy’.

What sets you apart from the other bands in the UK death metal scene?

“It’s not something I’ve really thought about, the initial aim for this band was to be an old school 80’s/early 90’s death metal worship band, if anything I wanted to fit in, fitting into a scene I loved was enough and still is.”

What inspirations helped to shape the new E.P?

“It’s mostly the same old stuff, it’s hard to just summarise, since ‘Consumed’ we’ve talked about doing so many different things and ‘Echoes…’ is just what we eventually came up with, in fact we’ve played a bunch of songs over the past couple years that have just never come to anything, they’ll be in future releases I imagine but for now they’re just dead. Musically the only track for me that’s not of the Possessed/Morbid Angel worship thing is the title track, which really came from bands like Morbus Chron, Tribulation, a bit of Immolation and I got really into Wormed for a while; the Exodromos album has an amazing use of dynamics, it was just refreshing.”

Where can we expect Seprevation to go on their next album?

“I’m really not sure, at the moment I’m feeling like it’ll be more old school stuff, faster, heavier. I know some people want to hear some more experimentation and I’m certainly interested in doing something completely different, I can’t just jump into these things though, I have the songs but I need a plan, I need to see the release as a whole, otherwise it’s just fucked and I’ll give up on it, so basically – I’ve no idea, you’ll have to wait and see!”

What are your aspirations for the band in the near future?

“More writing, more jamming, I think I’m at the stage where I just don’t give a shit what people think or what our plan is, it’s just a band – as long as it’s fun then fuck it, go with it, I’m happier and more ambitious with this band than ever before, but purely on a musical and personal level, I have more fun jamming than pretty much anything else, there’s no pressure on us to do anything we don’t want to, so just have a good time, have a good time, all the time.”

I was lucky enough to catch Seprevation live at a Mammothfest show in Brighton earlier this year and they exhibit all of the traits a great extreme metal band should live, comfortably matching the renowned headliners Immolation and Vader for ferocity. It’s refreshing to hear a band as brilliant as this playing extreme metal for the sheer fun of it and not just to be one of the many cookie cutter ‘Impericon’ bands that litter the scene. With a diverse pool of influences, strong live performances and huge songs, Seprevation are a band that every old school death metal fan should be aware of!

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