The song is different and brings a new edgier under current in comparison to 'Easier'. 'Teeth' really shows off their versatility
9.5Overall Score

Credit – Andy Deluca

5 Seconds of Summer could easily be described as a ‘Chameleon Band’. Over the years their style has changed, shifting to stay on trend but still with their own unique vibe.


Their latest single, Teeth, encapsulates this. With its ‘Stranger Things’ inspired thrumming bass, staccato and frantic, jerky, chorus the song is an example of rock music staying contemporary. Lyrically the song is in line with their more mature, at times sexual style.  Musically it has enough pace changes and underlying complexity to mark this as a future hit; if this song isn’t well received by both fans, and those more typically critical, we’ll be surprised.


With the music industry favouring more manufactured sound, it’s often difficult to create singles that can chart, achieve radio play and still be considered authentic, rock or pop rock songs.

And yet 5SOS are a band who consistently produce radio friendly work that translates into energetic, engaging concert performances. A brilliant live band with an intelligent and insightfully created studio sound, Teeth epitomises their new era and their consistent evolution. A collaboration between the boys, Ryan Tedder, Andrew Watt, Ali Tamposi and Lou Bell, the song is unique and a real example of a progressive, thoughtful creation.

Luke Hemmings, lead vocalist, said of the song : ‘Teeth came about after a month or two long blur of writing… pushing ourselves to go a step further… Musically it’s another step forward from ‘Easier’ and really embraces industrial sounds and rhythms’

The song came from a ‘tumultous time’ in his life and the lyrics, he says, really reflect that.



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