It’s fair to say that music videos have come a long way in recent years. From the days of poor CGI to the high quality cinematic pieces currently produced, some musicians and directors have finely honed the art.


With online streaming becoming more and more prevalent as a method for listening to music, and with YouTube becoming a household video-sharing platform, videos accompanying single releases are almost a necessity. And this is something a lot of artists capitalise on. Through releasing trailers and short snippets to gain interest, views are guaranteed. And to have trailers worth watching? Well, the ante has well and truly been upped. 


One brilliant example of creating an atmosphere around a music video is Taylor Swift and her ‘Bad Blood’ release; within hours the video had views in the thousand, and not just because the song is good. With a star studded cast, a feature to make the video dynamic, a trailer and posters, the marketing for the video made sure that fans – and critics – would be awaiting its release with bated breath. 







More recently, the dynamic musical group that is BTS burst onto the western radar and brought with them an awareness of KPOP and the intricacies of the scene. BTS, alongside groups like f(x), Girls Generation, Exo and countless talented others, have well and truly nailed the art of the MV. Whilst some favour telling entire stories with complex arcs and a never before seen cinematic intensity, others use bright colours and crafted aesthetics to appeal to their audience. And all include breathtaking choreography. Really, the amount of talent in their videos is a little bit heartbreaking (but in the best way possible.) And, for the fans, the wait for the MV’s and the short snippets keeping people in suspense are always worth it.




This is echoed in the more recent releases by chameleon band 5 Seconds of Summer who’s musical stylings evolve every era and whose MV’s have become more purposeful in their storytelling. Gone are the days of fun gags and costumes, replaced by artistic and intrinsically meditative pieces; ‘Youngblood’ and ‘Teeth’, both show two different styles and yet both convey their stories, accompanying the songs with further depth and stunning shots. For ‘Teeth’ especially Thibaut Duverneix deserves a round of applause.





And then we get to breakout artist Billie Eilish. At 17 her talent is undeniable and as a relative newcomer she’d be forgiven for not having the best music videos in the game. But, in keeping with her intense lyrics, her videos are on par with her music in impact. ‘All The Good Girls Go To Hell’, released 4.09.2019, is deceptively simple at first view. A winged Eilish plummets from the sky and struggles to emerge from a pool of gasoline. Grotesque, disturbing and yet mesmerising. And in the description of the long awaited video, seen by thousands within minutes?  A political call to arms. Using her platform Eilish  encourages her fans to participate in climate strikes, giving her video new connotations and profundity.





Intelligent, thoughtful, artistic and visually stimulating, MV’s have come along way.  And with how high the bar is set we cannot wait to see where they’ll go next.


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