Not resting on his impressive 2019 laurels, the ever evolving and always hungry Denzel Curry has began the new year by snapping just as hard, this time with a well selected host of friends joining him in the booth.

Zeltron has well and truly made his intentions for the new decade with this feature-stuffed mix that sees him collaborate with the likes of Zillakami, AKTheSavior, Ghostemane and Xavier Wulf who, as the title suggests take their turns tagging one another in to hop on the mic and make way for the next guest. As might be expected from looking at the list of features, the mix champions an aggressive approach that Denzel alter ego Zeltron is well-known for. The mini project flows seamlessly from one track into the next and does a good job of packing a lot into a concise run time. As well as fans looking for the release of some of these snippets comprising Blood In Blood Out as full tracks, all eyes will surely now be peeled on what Denzel is gonna do in 2020.

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