Growing up after your teenage years is an interesting experience.

Going from being visibly angry at the world, to being still angry at the world but in a quieter (hopefully smarter) way, finding out that everyone lies and not everything is fair, but getting better and more experienced every day.

Well, it turns out that we as individuals aren’t the only ones to go through this, bands do too. And no band is a better example of this than Knave.

Their debut album “Songs For Quiet Consideration” was incredible. Full of the frustration, shouting and decorative lyrics that other modern bands are lacking. Full of nostalgic teenage angst and emotional guitar work.

But alas, Knave are back, with a new sound and a new outlook. Where anger and thrashing instruments once were, there is now a stripped back sound, but this doesn’t mean the band have figured it all out. They still have questions, and these are questions they have put into their music.  Tackling subjects which range from scary to sad, the band have grown in both mindset and sound.

And the result is fantastic.

We spoke to them about the new sound, and what is next on the agenda for the all new Knave.

knave in a carpark

Firstly, after your brief disbandment, what made you pick Knave back up?

We have been in a few bands together in the past, and were always really grateful for our audiences, but Knave crowds seemed to really take what we were doing seriously. People learned the words before our gigs, got into the songs as much as even we did and we received a lot of touching messages about our first album. It felt like an inevitably regretful oversight to abandon this music.

What are you most excited about with the new release?
A lot of things! Mostly challenging ourselves and hopefully our fans with the new songs. It is a short format, but very dense in some respects. We are hoping that our fans grow with us and that we have been able to capture their coming of age as well as ours.

While the bare bones of your old sound is still there, it certainly has a fresh new feel to it. What triggered this change?
Deleting all of the excess text files from the zip folder, so to speak. Me and Lewis have always been at the core of our bands and their sounds, as well as our friend Karum from Hypophora, who has always been with us in some capacity or another. Having 50/50 creative input and responsibility means that the music is a far more genuine and earnest representation of how we feel. Also, there comes a time where playing angrily all of the time exhausts itself.

Did it take long to come up with the new sound, or was it something which came together naturally for you?
I think if I am honest it has taken us our entire adult lives, since first meeting in 2015. From band to band, retaining the good and shedding the bad we feel like we no longer play or sing a single note without purpose, and sentiment. Writing began at our friend Mad Max’s Laboratory, we had a few ideas mostly based on guitar loops and the rest fell into place. Our influences are worn on our sleeve, for sure.

The subject matter of the new album varies a lot, from working life to global warming. What inspires you to write about these things, be it personal experience or something else?
Mostly personal experience. The both of us have been raised in the working class and watching the world go by through a sometimes myopic lense, and we aim to widen it. The things we are talking about on this album differ from our debut record, but a lot of the sentiment is the same. We are still confused about this spinning rock we are on and how it all works. We are doing what we can to write with empathy rather than sympathy, and in most cases, about other people; rather than ourselves.

What is meant by Plain People? How would you describe a plain person?
It is a reference to the “Shaker people” in Robert Newton Peck’s – “A Day No Pigs Would Die”. Symbolically however, it represents the working class. The working class are so often lied to and deceived and convinced to vote for the people most inclined to work against their best interests, by lack of education. That is how we were raised and schooled. Plain people are a group with which we are proud to affiliate with.

How did you end up working with Katie McConnell of Hypophora ?

We have been friends with Katie since we played in For The Oracle with her guitarist Karum. Hers is a voice we have always been hearing, and resonating with, since we began playing music professionally. We needed her for this song, to represent femininity, and mother nature among other things. You cannot write songs about what it is to be human without a female voice. Also, she is Lewis’ girlfriend, which helps.
knave smoking

How do you think the new sound will go down live?
We have absolutely no idea. We are packing our set with some old songs so crowds won’t feel too alienated so it should be business as usual. These songs, with some exceptions, are a lot tamer, though. I don’t know if we will see much in the way of crowd-surfers or mosh pits. That’s okay.

Are there any tracks on the new album you’re particularly looking forward to playing live?
Teller/Fortune. That song is a challenging track to play, and has a lot of moving parts. It is the most energetic song on the record, and features some of my favorite poetry also.

Finally, what do you hope to have achieved by the end of 2019.
We are starting a four year plan. One album a year, five tracks a piece. So our plan is to release the new record, working alongside our press agent, photographers, designers etc to help expand our audience and hopefully start ourselves off on the right footing to execute our plans. We want to make music that matters, and share it with those that may need to hear it. We will be touring in Autumn/Winter.

Plain People OST is due for release July 5th and will be available on all major platforms .

Listen to Songs For Quiet Consideration to hype yourself up…

Image credits: Knave Press Kit

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