Masterful, compelling and stunningly varied.
9.4Overall Score

As albums, and album titles, go ‘Beautiful Oblivion’ is up there in the most aptly named. The latest collection by Atlanta band Issues, the album is stunningly varied. With riffing guitar, pounding drums and the masterful vocals of Tyler Carter this is an album that can be played on repeat; it’s all too easy to hit that little triangle button and sink into a beautiful oblivion with this piece of art playing in the background. Or – if not oblivion – a beautiful 45 minutes, give or take. Vocally the music moves between being calming and compelling to infused with passion, It packs a sonic punch and energising you after lulling you into a state of peace. An album with movement and a real knack for story-telling.

Issues are a band whose style has developed over time. From their first two EP’s to this, their third studio album, their instrumentation and vocal stylings have come a long way. ‘Rain’ is a brilliant example of cohesive sound, with every element of the song being balanced. This is the type of song that requires multiple listens just to sit and take in every element and truly appreciate it. 


The album also feels very deliberate with the transition from the end of ‘Downfall’, a loud, crashing song, to the softer start of ‘Second Best’ before switching 20 seconds in back to a heavier sound. This is a band with a real understanding of music and of what their audience wants. 


And their second track ‘Drink About It’ is another brilliant song, with a visually intriguing yet stunning video. In an age of streaming and avidly watched YouTube view counts, the gender non conforming representation and abstract styling is eye catching, impactful and truly masterful. 

‘Drink About It’ is something I feel everyone can relate to,” says Carter. ” “The song, quite frankly, is about cheater being found out by their unfortunate partner. The idea is this: ‘I think you know… you know something… how much do you know…? I’m just gonna let them sweat it out a little bit.’ 


Issues will be hosting a streaming party on 03/10/19. For more information check out their twitter page here or Rise Records twitter page here


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