Novacub release debut EP Future Echoes
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Novacub finally present themselves to the world with their debut EP Future Echoes. Filled to the brim with fast paced catchy lyrics and their own signature sound, Future Echoes promises to be everything fans of the genre could have asked for.

Drummer turned singer/songwriter Louise Bartle leads the indie pop-rock foursome with an energy and maturity that has been obtained over years of experience as a session player for many household names such as Selena Gomez.

The story of Novacub is one which could be said to have many moments destined to happen. In 2015 Bartle began playing as the drummer for indie legends Bloc Party. From this, a bond with guitarist Russell Lisscak developed through their musical chemistry, which was evident upon their first meeting.

Recruiting touring harpist and backing vocalist Iona Thomas on bass and Venezuelan drummer Tony Alda on the drums after multiple encounters with Bartle on the London scene, Novacub completed their indie-pop fab four through more destined encounters.

Novacub have produced five tracks which show no signs of immaturity despite it being their debut EP. Each track on the album is played with more confidence and comfort than many bands with twenty times their experience. First-time listeners will instantly recognise this sense of unique creativity combined with a strange sense of familiarity.

The relatability of Louise‘s lyrics give fans an instant connection with the band, something which should not go unnoticed. Given the right exposure and the radio play they deserve, Novacub are a group I could easily see becoming loved by many and it is my hope they feature on future sporting game releases as these tracks deserve to be cult classics one way or another.

I Still Need It, the first release off the EP is a song that would fit perfectly on a FIFA video game. This is said as a major compliment. The song could easily feature on one of the titles, being instantly recognisable and undeniably addictive. Oozing with confidence, the professional standards the group showcase on this track would easily equal or outshine many of other of the artists featured. The track itself while upbeat and enjoyable works well with the deep lyrics of reflection on a previous failing relationship.

Wait Up may sound different to regular listeners of the Janice Long Session featured on BBC Radio 2 as the group recently performed a stripped-back version of the track much to the delight of Radio 2 listeners. The repetition of the title throughout the track will be difficult for even the strongest of minds to forget.

Strike the most recent single to be released from the EP is a feel-good song with an accompanying enjoyable music video. A song which could easily start many a pre-drinks session.

The catchy chorus of “Let’s play a game of hide and seek, Count down from ten and dive behind me, When you reach three be ready, Jump in and find me, jump in and find me” instantly energises the listener after the perfectly timed drop works to perfection. Watch the video below.

We Don’t Care begins with an almost angelic chorus before the striking drums and flamboyant vocals firmly grasp the listener’s ear. The contrasting styles the band flip between create a unique track which will be sure to have fans arguing over their favourite segment. The track may be entitled We Don’t Care but Novacub deliver a well thought out piece which helps to highlight the passion coursing through the veins of each of their members.

End Of The World completes Future Echoes gracefully, highlighting the versatility of the band and the strengths of Louise‘s lyrics and vocals. The unique vocals and lyrics provide the song with more depth and substance. A slight contrast to the style used on I Still Need It, Novacub present a different side of themselves and bow out elegantly. Encore? Please…?

Future Echoes will be released via LAB Records on October 3rd. Get your pink boiler suits ready because Novacub will also be performing their debut EP on the following dates:

Supporting The LaFontaines

29th September Cluny 2, Newcastle
30th September Leadmill, Sheffield
1st October Headrow House Leeds
2nd October Deaf Institute Manchester
3rd October The Venue Derby
5th October Academy 3 Birmingham
6th October Mothers Ruin Bristol
7th October Patterns Brighton
8th October Oslo London

Supporting My Vitriol

31st October The Castle & Falcon Birmingham
1st November Islington Assembly Hall London

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