Fans who have followed the band from day one may be under the impression that November had already been released previously. A crowd favourite at many shows, audiences across the country will be familiar with the deep, thought-provoking lyrics Louise created within this piece. However, the November single release adds a completely new dimension to the track.

Many people state that remakes are never as good as the originals but this is not the case. The changes made have shown how far the band have come in a short amount of time. Being able to redevelop past ideas to produce new and exciting versions of songs which are already impressive, is a trait that is reserved especially for the most talented of artists.

While each listener will have their own interpretation of the lyrics and will apply them to their own personal memories and reflections of past relationships, each and every one will be certain to feel a universal message of unison that they are not alone.

Louise and Tony provided a hilarious two-hour live stream across the Novacub Instagram channel to promote the song’s midnight release. Highlights had to include Tony being Typical Tony (TT) and the inclusion of Connor, a long time fan who began playing guitar with Louise, learning how to play tracks from the Future Echoes EP.

Make sure to check it out on Spotify now!!!


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