In a time of aggressive fangirling and internet ‘stan’ culture, it can be hard to reach out to musicians without looking sycophantic or getting lost in the tide of ‘ohgod have my babies’ and other, less PG, phrases. But with the anniversary of Sugarcult’s album ‘ Start Static ’ (2001) it was difficult not to tweet my appreciation. And then, after tweeting, it dawned on me; I can write something longer than 140 characters. So, here it is.

Sugarcult, an American Rock Band, were the soundtrack to my teen years. Having grown up on classical music, my knowledge of rock and pop punk was basic – this lead to me digging through the internet to find loud, rocky, alternative sounds and eventually stumbling upon this band. And this accidental find might just be the best one of my life.

‘ Start Static ’ is filled with punchy guitar riffs, loud drums and vocals with that signature rock/punk whine and is the most flawless of debut full-length albums. Tim Pagnotta and his love of stretching out his words into screams and half growls adds an edge to the music whilst his flexible vocal range elevates the songs, putting them on a wholly new level.

Catchy songs throughout, ‘ Start Static ’ is an album that deserves more credit than it’s given. Masterfully mixed with both heavy and acoustic guitar, slower songs as well as fast paced angst, it’s no wonder that this album received some mainstream success. ‘Daddy’s Little Defect’ ‘Stuck In America’ and ‘You’re the One’ are guaranteed to get stuck in your head after just a few listens.

Now I know the phrase ‘underrated’ gets bandied around a lot, but this band truly are one of those gems that deserve more popularity- hiatus or not.’ Start Static ‘, and every song since, is a masterclass in putting emotions into songs whilst not still retaining energy and pace.

So what did the band think at the time of the album’s release? According to DeSantis’ Instagram, this:

‘This record was to be our primal scream; our confrontation and/or handshake with the world; our chance to get people to pay attention, earn their respect and then hopefully, win their hearts. We had our album title and mission statement: Start Static.[…]  The very first iPod also came out that year. Fans were ready, bands were ready, and Sugarcult was suited up, energized and primed to get in on the action and help define this new century.’

And whilst it’s up to interpretation as to whether or not they did define the new century (but if you think they didn’t you’re totally wrong) this band definitely defined my teenage years. Oh, what’s that you hear? The sound of a breaking heart when you realise that Sugarcult are on hiatus?

Have no fear, they’re still about. Check their individual twitter and Instagram’s for more information.

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