You Dirty Blue - Make Way For The Montage EP
On their third release, You Dirty Blue showcase what's great about themselves while giving themselves room to experiment.
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You Dirty Blue have had another busy year following the release of 2017’s Tough Crowd EP. 2018 saw Leon and Martin support bands such as Golden Void, Rews, and Radio Moscow, play the John Bonham celebration event in Redditch, and go on their own headline tour. Far from kicking back and relaxing however, they’ve spent the last few months burrowed away in the studio.

With 6 new track on their new EP, Make Way for the Montage, the duo have given themselves room to tinker with their sound, incorporating more lo-fi psychedelia to their now familiar driving rock rhythm. Dropping mere days ago, newest single ‘Loose Hips’ opens the EP in more traditional YDB fashion. Leon provides an incredibly dynamic riff which forces you to sit up and listen, and the layered vocals are well contrasted. Likewise, ‘In Other Words’ doesn’t stray far from the bands honed style, with a lilting guitar line reminiscent of a sea shanty.

Things start to get a little more experimental near the middle of the EP however. ‘Bimbada’ starts with a baby’s cry and a synthesised drum beat, before breaking seamlessly in to a visceral, whirling, yet melodic track. Elsewhere, ‘Paper Moon’ really showcases You Dirty Blue’s grungy side, and the vocals are changed up on ‘Jumped the Gun’, with Martin taking the reins over a heavy rock groove underpinned by a really gravelly base line.

On launching the EP at The Sunflower Lounge on 1st March, they filled the room with a searing amount of noise, and you could tell they absolutely loving it. The last year seems to have allowed them to grow as musicians, and strengthen the bond they clearly share. Now it’s time for them to spread their wings and conquer the independent music scene everywhere else too.

Make Way for the Montage will be released on 01/03/2019 via Bandcamp, Apple Music, and Spotify, and You Dirty Blue will embark on a UK tour in Spring 2019.



7th – York – The Fulford Arms
8th – Worcester – Paradiddles
9th – Bristol – The Mothers Ruin
10th – Sheffield – West Street Live
15th – Redditch – Into The Valley



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