Continuing the stellar 2019 rise of Australian alternative music, Melbourne post-hardcore quintet Drown The City have signed with UNFD, the home of Architects, Dream State and While She Sleeps.

Lead Vocalist Alex Reade commented on finding their new label:

“Although we are beside ourselves with energy, there’s such a sense of calm now that we have a home, and more of a future than ever before in this band. We’ve all sacrificed blood, sweat and sanity, and to know we have support to show the world who we are is genuinely a dream come true.”

Kicking off their new era in style, they’ve dropped new single In Your Image and announced their latest EP Alpha // Survivor, which will drop into your eardrums on the 5th July via UNFD.

Fascinated by the idea of both a powerful survivor and a broken victim, and inspired by heartache and breakdowns, the EP explores the choice we all have to rise above our own pain in power.

Alex expanded on the concept, commenting:

“You can be the most powerful creator in one moment, and the weakest broken soul in the next, it’s just a choice, and the battle is only ever within yourself and with your thoughts”

The track list for Alpha // Survivor is as follows:

1. ‘Don’t Forget To’
2. ‘Stay Broken’
3. ‘In Your Image’
4. ‘Null’
5. ‘Love Makes Cowards Of Us All’
6. ‘Void’

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