British alt-rock veterans InMe have released ‘The Next Song’ – the second single from it’s upcoming and long-awaited seventh album ‘Jumpstart Hope’ via new label Killing Moon Records.

‘The Next Song’ marks yet another evolution in the band’s sonic progression, seeing the Essex quintet exploring old shores and returning to dark, anthemic alt-rock, a genre the band helped revolutionise in the early to mid-noughties.

Frontman Dave McPherson explains the song’s lyrical concept below:

“This is a song about constantly singing about someone to the point of mental excess, and promising that the next song is going to be the last one I write about that person. The guys ran with this from the demo I made and painted their melodies all over it to make a much bigger sound, a big anthem that’s also quite heavy in its own way. The Next Song is pop catharsis for me.”

The single also sees the band’s expansion to a quintet. Following Dave’s Parkour-related retirement from live guitar, InMe ‘Merch Guy’ and long-time fan John O’Keeffe joins on rhythm guitar. Having been inspired to pick up a guitar by Dave when he was just 14, this is a dream-come-true moment.

John O’Keeffe on joining InMe:

“It’s a rare treat to be able to say that I’m in a band with the very person who inspired me to pick up a guitar I was a teenager”, O’Keeffe exclaims. “It is an absolute honour and dream come true – especially after all these years following InMe’s musical ventures – to be a part of it. This is possibly by far the greatest achievement in my life.”

On a more personal note, frontman Dave McPherson adds his thoughts on the expansion of InMe:

“I’ve been mentally ill for longer than I care to remember, and suffer with life affection issues like crippling anxiety, addiction and severe insecurities (to name but a few). This latest form of InMe has kept both me and my band afloat, and the music truly speaks for itself on both sides. Everything – the band and I – would have crumbled without them. They’ve inspired me to get better when I’m at my worst, and they’re also absolute geniuses.”

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