Norwegian black metal legends Mayhem have announced their sixth studio album – and first in five years – titled Daemon, will be released on October 25th via Century Media Records.

Whilst no two Mayhem albums will ever be the same, the pioneers have kept things consistent with the same lineup who recorded 2014’s Esoteric Warfare returning to the fold once more. Inspired by, but not chained to, their anniversary performances of their masterful debut ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’, Mayhem bring yet another level of change and evolution to their music.

Guitarist and songwriter Teloch discusses Mayhem’s musical direction: “Mayhem will always be Mayhem. If we put the genre game aside a bit, no one else sounds like Mayhem. Even when ‘De Mysteriis’ came out, it was not at first considered to be a black metal album, if my memory serves me right. Tricky to label this band. Metal would be the most fitting; it’s not pure black metal, in my opinion. Not sure it has ever been actually, despite what the general opinion is. People can call it whatever they want. If it’s black metal to them, then fine. We don’t really care. To me, it’s important to keep some sort of black metal vibe at least.” 

Daemon’s track list is as follows:

  1. The Dying False King
  2. Agenda Ignis
  3. Bad Blood 
  4. Malum
  5. Falsified And Hated
  6. Aeon Daemonium
  7. Worthless Abomination Destroyed
  8. Daemon Spawn
  9. Of Worms And Ruins
  10. Invoke The Oath

Mayhem will visit the UK and Ireland for a very short run in November which includes a slot at Damnation Festival in Leeds.

November 2019
2nd – Damnation Festival, Leeds
3rd – Academy, Dublin
4th – The Electric Ballroom, London

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