Walking Papers featuring Jefferson Angell, Duff McKagan, Barrett Martin and Benjamin Anderson have announced their new album will be released this month titled ”WP2”:

The band have announced their new album will hit shelves in the coming weeks.

The band is an all star lineup of seasoned veterans in the music industry, featuring Duff McKagan of Guns ‘N Roses and Velvet Revolver fame, Jefferson Angell and Benjamin Anderson of The Missionary Position and Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin.

The album is due out on January 19th via Loud & Proud Records and is now available to pre-order via https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/walkingpapers .

Angell said in an interview recently:

“This record has exceeded my expectations of what I thought that might be. It perfectly captures the raw, explosive energy of a band primed from extensive touring while at the same time achieving the polish and elevation that comes from experimenting in the studio.

“Walking Papers is happier than a tornado in a trailer park to have our second record see the light of day via Loud & Proud Records.

“It’s been a white-knuckled nail-biter since its conception, and we are pleased to have Tom and Madelyn behind the wheel as we make our way to the delivery room!”

The tracklist can be found below:

  1. My Luck Pushed Back
  2. Death On The Lips
  3. Red & White
  4. Somebody Else
  5. Yours Completely
  6. Hard To Look Away
  7. Before You Arrived
  8. Don’t Owe Me Nothin’
  9. This Is How It Ends
  10. I Know You’re Lying
  11. Into The Truth

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