184 and Big Toast have vocalised their feelings towards the infamous President Trump and summarise how a lot of Brits are viewing America in new track ‘Afraid of Americans‘: A scary proposition. Flipping the chorus from a David Bowie track that shares the same title, Big Toast concocts a satirical dissection of the ever-ridiculed figure of Trump.

Making the truly uncomfortable nature of what is being discussed and the dramatic tone taken retain the impactful weight to carry it best, the momentous instrumentation sets an avid background for this.

Check out the comedic video for ‘Afraid of Americans‘:

At a time where the political wedge of Brexit is scorching hot on everyone’s lips and consuming the minds of all thinking Britons, it is rather nice of Big Toast to perhaps inadvertently remind us all of how things here recently aren’t all that bad, when put into perspective.

Afraid of Americans‘ marks the first single from upcoming album ‘Prolefeed‘ which is due for release 17th December on Revorg Records.

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