According to the hallowed writers bible that is, cavalry traditionally means soldiers who fought on horseback, or in more recent times, soldiers who fight in armoured vehicles. For Chesham’s The Empty House Band, it is as close to the battlefield but as far from the military as it can be; a darkly lit cauldron of bubbling sounds that boil up into a blistering display of finger-plucking perfection, harmonic harmonies, and a lyrical display of trust and deception in modern day life.

‘Cavalry’ is the first showing of their first EP proper, the soon-to-be-released Between Blue, which was recorded over the last few months in a tiny bedroom in the Chesham suburbs. Having risen from the ashes of Big Sixes in the summer of last year, a slew of demos and singles have followed highlighting the collectives song-writing skills. Whilst ‘Jacket’ introduced us to the potential they possess, ‘Cavalry’ begins to construct an answer to the question: Are The Empty House Band Britain’s next big band?

With support from famous friends – I discovered the band myself through tweets regarding the aforementioned ‘Jacket’ from Deaf Havana frontman James Veck-Gilodi – and the popularity of full-band songwriter-focused folk-rock hybrids rising on the regular, The Empty House Band are emerging at a time of prosperity for the music they make, and in themselves they find a unique niche: realness.

We’ve all been there; we’ve all put ourselves into positions we simply can’t get ourselves out of, and we often or not, as humans, like to put ourselves into these positions because deep down, we’re all a little sociopathic, and Cavalry, to me, is very much the realistic lyrical portrayal of striking it alone. If a cavalry is a group of soldiers rushing into battle, The Empty House Band aren’t anyone’s back-up, they’re striking out on their own against the world, and they’re ready to take it on: the sombre isolating lyrics juxtaposed by the powerful pomp of the vocal display. There’s something haunting in the way the words are sung: “I see it everywhere I go/ You don’t think you’ll make it on your own/ now I see I can’t rely on you, you can’t rely on me/ cause I ain’t nobodies cavalry.”

Cavalry builds and builds from acoustic pleasure into full-band riff-jamming melody-flowing stride, taking on a world of its own. As the closer of ‘Between Blue’, it comes across as a closing statement, a sure-fire message to the world: they’re not done yet. Whilst the EP in total is only three-tracks long, the desire to hear the rest of it, and even more, gets stronger and stronger after each and every listen of Cavalry. Self-described as a mixture of folk and rock, The Empty House Band continue to blueprint their prototypes for success.

Between Blue invades ears on the 18th August, however if you pre-order it now, you’ll get an instant download of Cavalry. Check it out here.







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