The snarling experimental metallers Loathe have shown a different side to the world with the release of their latest single Two-Way Mirror. Taken from their forthcoming sophomore album I Let It In And It Took Everything, the single showcases further paths to the diverse nature of the group as it delves into new sounds and does so magnificently.

Check out the video for Two-Way Mirror:

Speaking on the new track, the band state “It was our intention throughout the creative process to push the Loathe lore into different territories, some previously explored and some almost brand new for the band. With that mindset we birthed Two-Way Mirror – one of the many faces throughout ‘I Let It In And It Took Everything‘.”

Set for a February 7th release on Sharptone Records, I Let It In And It Took Everything pushes the boundaries of heavy experimental music to new heights and showcases the creative aspiration the band are highly regarded for. In support of the album release and to give the UK a solid chance to witness something truly breathtaking, Loathe are touring in February with support from God Complex and Phoxjaw.

Two-Way Mirror

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