2017 is the anniversary year for post-punk revivalist Interpol. Not only is ‘Turn on the Bright Lights’ turning 15 but their 3rd studio album ‘Our Love to Admire’ has recently just turned 10.

With the release of the 10th anniversary issue of ‘Our Love to Admire’ I want to look back at this particular Interpol album and why it still matters even after its release 10 years later.

Before ‘Our Love To Admire’, Interpol were already delivering albums of quality. Their brilliant debut album ‘Turn on the Bright Lights’ was that particular album had this almost haunting feeling, its layered guitars and deep vocals that were very reminiscent of Ian Curtis made it a pioneer to the indie, post-punk bands we have today in the UK and in America. The bands second release ‘Antics’ was a nice blend of radio friendly tracks mix with that mystique that the first album presented still proved to be popular with fans and critics alike.

What I love about ‘Our Love to Admire’ is the layering of music that fills the album, that gives us a unique atmosphere. Interpol create these songs that are very haunting and atmospheric that you can’t help but been intrigued. ‘Pioneer of the Fall’ which is the opening track of the album is an example of that atmospheric feeling that Interpol are known for creating that pulls the listener in.

New this time around is the inclusion of this almost psychedelic sound. Each member of Interpol were on their a-game for this particular record. The guitars, the bass, the drums and the keyboards work so well and they add a lot to this incredible album.

When speaking about each members contribution to this record, we have to talk about Paul Banks vocals. His voice is so gripping and moving, it’s easy to see the Ian Curtis comparison. Songs like ‘Rest my Chemistry’, ‘Mammoth’ and ‘The Lighthouse’ you can hear the emotion. It still resonates on so many levels, as the songs almost look at ideas of love, faith, drugs and giving up that even in 2017 still connect with audiences.

Alongside lead guitarist Daniel Kressler who is creating these emerging riffs like in songs like ‘The Scale’ that are catchy but gripping I think this is both his and Pauls best guitar work.

But let’s not forget about the rhythm section of Interpol. The darkhorse that is Carlos Dengler and probably the most underrated drummer in the game Sam Fogarino help to keep the songs together, especially Carlos’s who’s bass playing on songs like ‘The Heinrich Maneuver’ where the bass like in many Interpol songs stands out and when combined with Kresslers guitar playing add this layer of amazing sounds that make the songs standout even more and why Interpol stand out from their fellow peers.

So after 10 years is ‘Our Love to Admire’ one of Interpol’s best record? I believe it is! The album is a dark and brooding tale, multi layered with many instruments but Interpol make it work. The songs are structured beautifully and each member allows to showcase their musicality in different ways. As a fan and critic, I think people should pay attention to this record more. As not only is it a gem of the bands catalogue, but even in 2017 it still fits in well with the many indie and post-punk bands that are releasing material today.

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