Music has been such a huge part of my life, I mean I was named after the song “Amelia” by The Mission – thanks Dad. But it’s a big part of all of our lives, even if we don’t realise it and I’m going to make you realise it.

Mr Brightside. All you have to do is hear the intro of that and it’s stuck in your head for days, your Mom loves it, your mates love it, Snobs’ DJ loves it as he plays it twice a night. It’s a national treasure. Then there’s other songs that have meaning due to people in your life, like yours and your best friends favourite song. Even if you’ve fallen out, when you hear it you can’t help but frantically look for your old partner in crime to belt the lyrics out with. Those ‘family party’ songs like Crazy in Love by Beyoncé, Don’t You Want Me Baby by The Human League, WannaBe by The Spice Girls or even One Step Beyond by Madness. Memories of family parties live within those songs, and many more and I bet you any money that you’re laughing to yourself with thoughts of that time your Mum fell over in the kitchen when Girls Just Wanna Have Fun came on.

But anyway, the flipside to this is the problems that us music fans face, sometimes without even realising it whether it’s our fault or the artists…

1. Nothing beats their first album. 

I have a very vast music taste which is forever growing whether it be glam-rock or grime – I will give anything a go. But one thing that remains consistent with 90% of artists – their first album is the best album. It was the album made by the band/artist, for themselves, to be themselves and pray that someone listens. Yet, once record labels and managers put their foot in the door after the band take off it changes their sound. It’s like when your turn 18 and buy your first legal pint, you feel like this is the best pint you’ve ever tasted, then the novelty of whipping your ID out wears off and you get absolutely clarted off Stella and it now makes you want to chunder.

The 1975 fit into this, their self-titled debut album was funky, fresh and a new wave for our generation but then their second album ILIWYSFYASBYSUOI (for short) is a completely different kettle of fish. Gone from Pop-Rock to Synth Britpop. Not trying to dispute that their second album was bad, frankly I very much enjoyed it but it isn’t the same. The Stone Roses are the exact same – LOADS of fans hated Second Coming. But, just because their other albums aren’t as strong, that doesn’t make them weak, but the first album is the best album…

2. You feel really let down when it takes them longer than two years to release new material.

I have been waiting FOUR YEARS this year for Arctic Monkeys to release new material and most middle-aged men are still waiting for that third Stone Roses album we heard rumours of last year. When you adore an artist and their music that much you crave new music from them, even though nothing tops their first. I feel betrayed and offended?? Like is it that hard to give me a new album after 4 years AM? The Courteeners bang them out every two, Kasabian every three and Drake has blessed us with two within one year!!

3. You’ll never get to see some of your favourite bands.

If you’ve been brought up like me you’ve been surrounded by The Smiths, Queen, Morrissey, Bowie, The Beatles, Oasis and whatever else your old man decided that he was going to play in the car on the way to Butlins for 4 hours. Anyway, due to how often you were forced to listen to Dad’s vast collection of tapes and CD’s, his favourite artists/bands begin to rub off on you – which is great because you’re finding golden wonders but terrible when you realise you won’t get to see them live. There’s nothing better than seeing your idols and role models live in the flesh and being surrounded by their raw and beautiful music that you adore. But sadly for us music fans, we can’t make this possible when it comes to certain artists whether that be due to members passing away or the band disbanding – sometimes this just isn’t possible.

Bowie. The Smiths. Queen. Oasis.

Four of the best artists/bands in the world and I will never see them live. It’s okay thinking that you can listen to the live versions of the songs on an album or EP or watch old videos online but nothing compares to being their in the moment. It creates a bond, the music you hear now is significant to the memories you share with the people you’re with and the band themselves. But with some artists we just have to settle for CDs and MP3s. Heartbreaking.

4. The music industry is one big boxing ring…

Probably the biggest tangent ever now but I’m going with it.

Nowadays, there’s less and less love in the music industry for other artists. There are endless Twitter feuds, disses hidden in album tracks and blatant disrespect being thrown around left right and centre. There are rules that come with being a music fan. For example, if you’re a Katy Perry fan you’re “supposed to” hate Taylor Swift. Back in the 90s it was either Blur or Oasis. Music shouldn’t be like this. Artists shouldn’t be trying to snake other artists out just to climb a step higher on the ladder. Us fans shouldn’t feel restricted in what we can and can’t listen to when music is the most expressive and open platform on this planet. Artists and bands should love each other and support each other like Ariana Grande and co. did for the One Love concert held in Manchester or Stormzy did with Ed Sheeran after he knocked him off the UK Number 1.

Artists and bands all make music for the same reason – so that fans can enjoy their music as much as they do, so why do they treat it like The Hunger Games?

Taylor Swift now that Katy Perry has released her new album..

So these are the problems of being a music fan, in my eyes. Can you think of anymore?

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