In a matter of days, the UK’s premier extreme metal festival will be back at Catton Hall for it’s annual gathering. This year’s Bloodstock headliners are the arena-conquering history-loving power metal heroes Sabaton, Australia’s metalcore masters Parkway Drive and Germany’s premier rock legends Scorpions. However, there’s a lot of different music to be found at Bloodstock, and one of the many qualities it prides itself on is it’s year-round development of new talent. Through bands winning and participating in Bloodstock’s national – and international – Metal 2 The Masses competitions, an entire stage at Bloodstock is booked exclusively with these bands and is known fondly as the Hobgoblin New Blood Stage. Now, there’s a LOT of quality new music hitting the stage this year so to help you out, we’ve chosen the nine New Bloods you really shouldn’t miss at this year’s Bloodstock.

Tomorrow Is Lost

If you’re one for riding waves, you better be ready to ride Tomorrow Is Lost’s as they bring their New Wave of Classic Rock to the New Blood stage. Channelling the sheer energy of the likes of Halestorm and The Dirty Youth and the massive sound of bands like Shinedown and Stone Broken, the Newcastle quintet led by the powerhouse vocals of Cass King are ready to take over. Running the gamut from chunky southern-infused riffs to big room hooks, Tomorrow Is Lost trade on classic-rock goodness. They’ve even got a very splendid cover of pop giantess Sia’s Elastic Heart. Be there or tomorrow is, erm, lost?!


What would Bloodstock be without a little bit of sludge to get your spliff on to, eh? Nottingham’s Widows are no strangers to the scene, having crafted their sludgy stoner-rock since 2008, crafting a catalogue full of high-octane in-your-face riffs that’ll rip open the pit, have you headbanging, and smoking a spliff at the same time. Channelling Corrosion Of Conformity if they were fronted by Phil Anselmo and featuring members of EyeHateGod, Widows will pack a punch you won’t be expecting. If new singles ‘P.S. Worry’ and ‘Hammer & Nail’ are anything to go by, their Bloodstock set will be nothing short of intense. If anyone’s paid their dues and deserves the next step on the ladder, it’s these guys.

Death By Ki 

With a vocalist sitting somewhere in between Metallica’s Papa Het and Bullet For My Valentine’s Matt Tuck, choruses that kick your ass into headbanging gear, and a riff-lord in the making in the shape of Drew Armstrong; Somerset quartet Death By Ki are the thrash-infused mid-noughties metalcore-inspired saviours we’ve been waiting for. Armed with some serious firepower in the shape of ‘More Than Grey’ and ‘Dormant In The Dirt’ – which are both jam-packed with burly breakdowns, riotous riffs and main-stage ready choruses – Death By Ki will be outgrowing the New Blood stage in no time. If you’re into mid-noughties metalcore a la Bullet For My Valentine, Killswitch Engage and Glamour Of The Kill, you’ll be in your element with Death By Ki.

Master’s Call 

Headlining the New Blood stage is no mean feat, but if any band on this year’s bill is ready for the step-up, it’s Birmingham’s scythe-wielding blackened death metal purveyors Master’s Call who can do it…and then some. Sounding like the sonic heirs to Behemoth’s throne, Master’s Call play blistering, visceral blackened death metal born from disorienting depths of darkness. Their debut EP – this year’s mesmerising ‘Morbid Black Trinity’ – wouldn’t be out of place on The Satanist or I Loved You At Your Darkest, and it wouldn’t surprise us here at BG if Master’s Call make it into the upper echelon of Bloodstock’s bill in year’s to come.


In a world where the only thing people are talking about from Glasgow is folk-pop singer-songwriter and meme-maker Lewis Capaldi, Inferiem are here to drop a bomb on the people of Bloodstock, cause some chaos, and show once-and-for-all there’s more to Glasgow’s music scene then folk pop. If While She Sleeps, Killswitch Engage and Lamb Of God were to make a supergroup, Inferiem would be their template. If you’re feeling the effects of the night before, ‘The Fall’ slaps you in the face with its velocity, bringing you back down midway with its melodic sections, before picking up the pace once more with a rhythm section built for damage. For those of you who like to open up the pit, crowd surf like there’s no tomorrow, and wall-of-death your way onto the internet, Inferiem are your new favourite band.

Grief Ritual

“Shatter my bones, shatter my skull” screams the vocalist of Grief Ritual on the pummelling self-destructive two-minute blast-beat burst of pain that is ‘Recidivist’, the opening salvo of their Life Is A Phase EP. It’s a lyric that best sums up Grief Ritual’s pick-n-mix take on blackened death metal and modern hardcore – it’s music made to punch you in the face with pure darkness. If you’re needing a reference point, simply imagine Behemoth’s Nergal joining Converge with the raw energy of Vein and you’ve got it. If the New Blood stage isn’t feeling their bones broken and their skulls shattered by the end of Grief Ritual’s set, we’ll be very surprised.


If you’ve ever pondered who’ll be there to take Cristina Scabbia’s crown when Lacuna Coil eventually call it today, look no further than Maksymina ‘Maxi’ Kuzianik of Poland’s melodic metal upstarts Setheist. Running on pure adrenaline and Megadeth-worthy riffs, their brand of melodic metal is far beyond it’s years, taking you on physical and emotional journeys. For those of us Bloodstocker’s who need a little melody and a group sing-along, make sure you catch Setheist before they’re playing bigger rooms with the likes of Lacuna Coil and Within Temptation.


Picking up where British hopefuls Evile left off and taking the blueprint bands as new and old as Havok and Venom have laid down across the years; London’s blackened thrash quarter Damim are going to be whipping up a storm and a half when they close out the New Blood stage on the Sunday. If you’re one for a circle pit, you’ll find ‘In A Language They Understand’ the music you need to get running, with blast beats and metallic riffs aplenty. There’s a little bit of Slayer, a pinch of Megadeth, a dash of Venom, and some Belphegor for seasoning.

Lost In Lavender Town

Their name isn’t just an acronym for a criminally underrated soft drink, but a gateway into a world of progressive beauty. Trading on decadent soundscapes, the instrumental prog-rockers paint a world of wonder for you to explore. ‘You Got Boost Power!’ is a homage to Japanese video game soundtracks, which often feels like you’ve been sucked into your screen and you’re the hero in the latest RPG you’ve picked up. If you’re looking to get absolutely lost in a whole new world of magical riffs, Lost In Lavender Town will be your weekend power-up.

Bloodstock Open Air 2019 takes place at Catton Hall during the 8th-11th August. 


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