5 Seconds of Summer, Australian pop-punk/ alternative band are back from a two-year writing hiatus and their new music is, in our opinion, stronger than ever.

The band formed in 2011 whilst the boys were still in school, and in the years since have been on tourswith groups like Hot Chelle Rae and One Direction before undertaking world tours of their own, selling out 101 shows in 2016. Starting with music that was at times more pop than punk, their style has evolved from their first self-titled album to their second collection ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’. With all band members in their early 20’s, the band are seasoned and yet still relatively young, which begs the question of what else is in store?

In February of this year the Australian artists debuted Want You Back, the first track from their third album to be released. The sound, comparable to the latest music from bands like The 1975, was notably different; the vocals have progressed from those of a teen to a confident adult and the lyrics have matured alongside. There’s a certain beauty in seeing bands flourish and develop, and being able to grow alongside them. And 5 Seconds of Summer have definitely flourished as their experience in writing and playing shows has progressed.

Want You Back is mature in its content. Discussing the topic of relationships and loss, the band use an expletive, instantly showing the audience that this album is different. The band are older, wiser and aren’t carefully censoring themselves in order to appeal to a teen audience. Instead, they seem to be approaching the album, and their comeback with honesty and realness, something that the pop-punk world sorely needs.

Today, March 27th, the band released the music video for their single and visually it is stunning. The combination of colours;the dark outlines of the boys standing out against deep yet bold colours;the small enclosed rooms that rotate ,all exude an almost sexual confidence that was lacking in previous videos. In a colour palette similar to that of All Time Low (Last Young Renegade Era) the style is in keeping with industry movements but still fits them as a band. If there was any question of maturity and change before, there certainly isn’t now.

Noticeably absent from the music video is an instrument in the hands of Luke Hemmings, the blond haired, blue eyed frontman of the band. At times seeming a little passive and often outshone on stage by guitarist Michael Clifford, Hemmings has grown in confidence and presence over the years. Will the lack of guitar and the focus on him and his movements force him to really push himself into taking the final steps towards dominating the stage? Only time will tell.

Alongside the launch of their new song was announced a series of tour dates, but surprisingly not at the big venues you’d expect from a band of their popularity. Intimate venues with numbers in the hundreds instead of thousands mean that this tour is about connecting, or re-connecting, with the audience. And we support and appreciate that. After a long absence during which some fans ‘switched to K-pop’ if twitter is to be believed, the decision to take it slow and begin the process of engaging with the million-strong band of followers is one that makes sense.

To sum up, the new 5SOS song? Good, maybe even great. And we, here at Bloggers Gamut, can’t wait to hear what the rest of the album will sound like.


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