In an industry that is, at times, saturated with overly manufactured albums and generic sounds, it’s always refreshing when bands make the conscious decision to focus first and foremost on the music.

While She Sleeps are a brilliant example of this, with their new collection entitled SO WHAT?; The album, a follow up to the bands previously crowdfunded, charting collection You Are We, is their fourth studio release and threatens to become their best, and most creatively complex, body of work to date.

Hailing from Sheffield, the quintet have been around for a while, releasing three albums, with a sound that’s evolved over time. Now, in 2019, what can we expect from this new release?
We’ve let our hair down… I’m not fucking about. I’m not cutting corners. I’ve been writing like this will be my last album.”
With a statement of like that it’s hard not to expect a lot from the album, but thankfully this is a band that delivers. Guttural, explosive, lyrically complex, and with songs that deserve packed gig venues and thrashing bodies, SO WHAT? is the brilliant conclusion of five months recording in their self-built studio complex.

In creating the album, Sleeps focused on the music, pushing themselves to write anthems that are diverse in sound, message and atmosphere, but that all come together to cohesively make a sound that is undeniably theirs.
Their first single ANTI-SOCIAL is aggressive, with snarling guitar, lyrics that are deceptively deep and melodic breakdowns that keep the sound fresh and exciting.
It crosses genre lines, weaving between metal and punk in a show of defiance that characterises much of the album. With an unassuming album title and song names that appear at first to be quite shallow, I’ll admit I was worried that the album would be just as bland. The band put our minds at ease, assuring us that it was a deliberate choice:

“’SO WHAT?’ is about how easily we all judge everything before we actually know anything about it. If we put a really elaborate title on a record with a really elaborate cover, that could give you the option of deciding what you think of it before you’ve listened to anything. The one thing we’re putting every bit of our energy into is the music.”

And it shows. This album roars into existence with eleven tracks that each have stand out features. The three songs released: THE GUILTY PARTYHAUNT ME and ANTI-SOCIAL showcase the bands talent perfectly. Each song builds its own atmosphere.

So What?

But that’s just our opinion. See for yourself when the album is released on March 1st and let us know in the comments below if you agree or disagree.

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