Album Review: Frank Iero and The Future Violents - Barriers
The album is so unique it's hard to compare it to anything else. It sets new standards, pushes through obstacles and is inspiring both in message and creation. We loved it.
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At some point we’re all told we need to grow up. To forget the things we loved as a child. Except for when it comes to music. Our angst filled teenage days become angst filled adult years. But sometimes the bands we love when we’re younger break up. And sometimes the artists go onto create brilliant-yet-different bands, with brilliant-yet-different anthems. Enter: Frank Iero and the Future Violents (formerly of My Chemical Romance).

Frank Iero and the Future Violents debut their album Barriers on May 31st (so for those of you who like to pre-order or get your timelines sorted this is your official BG heads up.)

Their single Young and Doomed is now available to the masses and is a youthful rock anthem. For those of us feeling a little nostalgic for the guitar and drum driven music of our youths, this song gives us unrestrained, high-energy, whilst also being packed full of emotion. And so does the rest of the album.


The latest collection from Iero reflects on life, its ups, downs and obstacles. At times the album tips towards existential, with 14 songs detailing his unexpected solo journey. Having never anticipated working on one solo album, let alone 3, Iero talks about how we put up obstacles for ourselves. The depth of his melancholic musings go further, as he explores the reasons for this.

Sometimes they’re for protection and sometimes they’re to keep people out, and sometimes we even set them up so that we fail and we find solace in that failure.‘

But rather than backing down, Iero faces his challenges head on, something that Barriers explores. The album is chaotic, in the best sense. From blues to gospel influence to fist pumping anthemic rock, the album tackles the melancholic and uncomfortable in a way that is deeply enjoyable. Ambitious in nature – and in keeping with the theme of overcoming obstacles – the album pushes limits and is a disorderly collection that demonstrates life and how unpredictable it is. Unable to stick to one style the album changes path, meandering through different genres in a way that’s so disorganised as to almost be lost and plaintive; a perfect match for Iero’s vocals.

It’s an album about overcoming hurdles and pushing yourself to be better and it stays true to that as Iero produces his best solo collection yet.

Our favourites are: New Day’s Coming, The Unfortunate, and Fever Dream. Each stand out tracks with their own unique flair and style. 

Take a listen when the album’s released on the 31st of May and let us know what you think. Drop a comment down below or tweet us @bloggersgamut!

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